Girl asks heartbreaking question on Facebook before taking her life

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HENDERSON CO., North Carolina – A teenage girl from North Carolina posted a heartbreaking question on Facebook, and then committed suicide.

According to WLOS, Amber Cornwell, 16, took her life December 20 and was laid to rest the day after Christmas.

WLOS reported that before she took her life, Cornwell asked on Facebook that if she died that night “would anyone cry?”

Cornwell’s friends and family told the TV station bullying led to Cornwell’s suicide.

A friend of Cornwell’s said that she was called names and told she had no future, and that people would send mean messages to her on Facebook.


  • Mirabel F.

    If she only sought out some help or counseling. It would have done a lot of good. People need to remember all things shall pass and that “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” My dad taught me that when I went through tough and trying times. That quote he told me stuck with me til this day. I still have trying times no doubt everyone does. Health issues have gotten the best of me but I will not commit suicide due to anything. Once you go through your problems you shall become a stronger individual.

  • draper3916

    Enough Already. Anyone else seeing the correlation between the kinder gentler (no dodge ball, no tag, etc) approach to school? Anyone else seeing the every child is amazing and a unique snow flake of modern parenting?

    Anyone else drawing the line between the liberal ideology dots and the rise in child suicide? They are ill-prepared for the harsh realities of life.


  • cathy

    It breaks my heart that this child felt so much hurt and so alone when she clearly was loved. I feel pain for those left behind and how sad that bullies pushed her so far. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way as a society we could bring change? So sad. Mirabel’s dad was so right about permanent solution to temporary problem. I’ve always told my kids that too. Pray they listen.

  • Joseph Fortenberry

    Not to be completely disrespectful here, but come on…… This child would have taken her life even if people weren’t bullying her. This is just an excuse, because everyone around her failed to see the warning signs of a mentally disturbed child. How many millions of people were bullied as kids, to grow up and make something of themselves? I myself was bullied as a child, and have gone on to lead a completely normal life….. Married, 3 amazing kids, great job, served in the military. This business of blaming bullying as the reason kids are committing suicide, is just ridiculous !! What about this child not getting the psychological help she needed, or the fact that her family didn’t notice this change in her? Kids need to be tougher. Kids today seem week-minded and too darn fragile…. Like little porcelain dolls. Parents need to teach their children to stick up for themselves, and be more attentive to changes in their children’s behavior. But no one is talking about these things.

  • rollingpigskindeep

    my daughter was bullied and she thought about suicide too but i just kept her close to me and loved her as hard as i could and told her they don’t matter but she does and if she let’s them win then the world loses ,evil needs to go but good needs to stay she needed to fight and make a difference i have your back and so does god/Jehovah is his name amen!! She is still here making a difference but still deals with mean girls at 26 because little evils grow up to be big evils in the workplace and society (” that’s the way of the world, a child is born with a heart of gold but the ways of the world makes his heart stone cold”) !! Evil won this round and im sorry so sorry RIP Amber we wont forget u <3

  • anonw_stopthemadness

    Rest in Paradise. Another victim of this mean world, we will not reep the benifits of her true pottential. This is tragic! yet another inocennce of mind torture! Parent’s the Lessons are being writtin in blood.. Parents who are not envolved check your childs activities, bulliying must cease.

  • Leslee

    i feel for this poor girl and her family. As a kid growing up from the age of 5 til 18 I was bullied by neighbor kids and all thru school and made horrible fun of. Physically and mentally. It affected me for yrs after. I still have emotional scars because of it. People do not realize how the effects of bullying can cause really horrible tragedies for others. Why do kids hv to do this? Is it fun to hurt others just to make yourself look good ? I don’t know. I do know that though it may seem like end of world it did get better. Just hold on. Don’t let the ignorance of someone cause your life to end. If you feel like this talk to someone. And yes although bullying may not be the main reason although the biggest someone chooses suicide if you have seen the way some kids are bullied you will see why for a lot that’s what pushes them over that edge. Just don’t let them do that to you. So not worth it. They win that way. I hold you all in my heart.

  • Tally Thompson

    The loss of the young girl’s life is a sad result of young people not understanding that each life is precious. That being said, being ‘different’ or ‘slow’ or red haired or yellow skinned does not diminish the value of a soul. We are all different, but loved equally by our creator. It IS our differences that make us unique. This young lady was ‘singled out’ to be belittled, ridiculed and judged as unworthy if acceptance by her peers. Woe be to those who harmed her emotionally. “Vengeance is mine ,” sayeth the Lord. The wrath of God will strike down those responsible for her death. She is gone from our sight but never forgotten. May God rest her soul.

  • Josh Board

    I hate when people say kids just have to stick up for themselves or stop being so sensitive. Some kids just aren’t wired that way. Now, two things would ends this problem. First, schools make every student and parent sign something that states, ANY BULLYING, will result in being expelled from school. Maybe a one day suspension and warning, and if it doesn’t stop, you’re gone. And, that cyber bullying counts just as much, even if the parents want to bring in a lawyer that says it’s not on school grounds and blah blah blah. Since the kid and adult signed the contract, they can be expelled. LASTLY….no child should even be on internet/facebook/social media. ESPECIALLY if they are extremely sensitive. Parents need to monitor that, and if they don’t, the fault lies with them.

  • Carol kidd

    Do not let any kind of bullying interfere your much better and stronger feel sad for this teen may she R.I.P people that interfere in others life are nothing but trash don’t have a life and are not going anywhere in life please seek help there is plenty out here.

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