‘The Interview’ debuts in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO -- After weeks of controversy and reports of threats, “The Interview” debuted in San Diego at the Digital Gym Theater in North Park.

The neighborhood theater is one of 300 independent theaters across the U.S. to screen the film.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook, so there is definitely a lot of interest in seeing it,” said Lisa Franek, artistic director of the Digital Gym.

Franek added that tickets sold out online as soon as the theater announced it would screen the film.

Thursday morning, moviegoers lined up an hour before the noon screening to snag the best seat.

“Normally today is a family day, but it wouldn’t hurt to get away for one of the most hyped movies,” said Chula Vista resident Ceci Cazares.

“For me that’s really all it is -- the hype. I’m not really a fan of Seth Rogan,” said TJ O’Donnel from North Park.

“I just wanted to see a funny movie which is not very Christmassy,” said Satoshi Honda, also from the neighborhood.

The movie almost never made it for its Christmas Day release after reports of threats surfaced from the North Korean government. Sony Pictures Tuesday announced it would allow for limited theatrical release and online streaming via YouTube, Google Play and Microsoft’s Xbox video store.

“The people also really benefiting are nonprofits like ours because normally we would never have the chance to show it,” said Kranek. “We are not worried about the threats. We did our research and according to officials there is no actual threat physically – they are more concerned with cybersecurity.”

Showing after showing, moviegoers packed the theater.

After 90 minutes the first verdict was out.

"It was a lot better than I thought. It was a really good,” said one theater patron.

“I think if people just see the film they won't be so offended by it,” said another moviegoer.

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  • bob

    Its good for the USA that any proud citizen should go see it but its better to watch at home online for only 5.99 and then you save tons of money especially if you have many family members as i watched at 3:30 am on Xmas morning with no line and any extra costs, true not as cheap as red box but no gas costs and seeing even earlier then the sold out show later that day, what a deal. North Korea must be really stupid as I don’t see what they are all bent out of shape about unless that dictator or whatever he is really does like Katy Perry, and the family problems with his dad etc. Ok well enjoy its at http://www.seetheinterview.com best xmas deal in town.lol Even your critic Josh actually paid to see it, wow, huh?

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