Electric car charging stations open along Embarcadero

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SAN DIEGO — Juice started flowing Monday at six charging stations for electric vehicles in the parking garage under the Waterfront Park at the County Administration Center.

The stations are along the southwest wall of the garage. One for the disabled is on the southeast side near the garage elevator, according to the county.

Drivers can simply plug-in and go about their business. When the charging is finished, they will receive a text message saying so.

“More and more people are purchasing electric vehicles and they need places to charge them,” Supervisor Dave Roberts said.

The county won a $500,000 grant from the California Energy Commission to help pay for the installation of stations. ChargePoint installed them and will own and operate them for five years.

The Waterfront Park stations are the first to be installed in a project that will expand to 10 other county parking lots next year.

County officials said charging will be free this week.

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  • Cris vasquez

    I went today and they told me chargers were for county employees only and that the public can only come after 5 and must pay to park as well.

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