Aztecs basketball player collapses during game

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego State Aztecs basketball player, Dwayne Polee collapsed on the court during a game against UC Riverside Monday night.

The forward collapsed around the 11-minute mark during the first half of the game.  His teammate, Matt Shrigley immediately called time out to stop the action.

The crowd at Viejas Area fell eerily quiet while the senior basketball player laid on the court.

Polee appeared to be twitching and convulsing on the floor while medical staff came out and tended to him for about 15 minutes.

Fox 5 station manager, Scott Heath, was at the game and said it was the most emotional thing he has sat through at any sporting event.

“Your heart’s just throbbing,” said Heath. “Then you see the parents down there, God bless them, you're just power positive thinking and hoping for the best.”

The crowd gave Polee a standing ovation as he was carried off on a stretcher.

As he was being carried out, Polee waved to the fans, hi-fived his teammates, and told them to win the game.

"It's definitely difficult, basketball becomes the thing that's not important anymore," said senior forward J.J. O'Brien.  "Just looking out for your teammates and hoping he's okay is what's on your mind."

SDSU officials said they aren't sure what caused him to collapse but Polee is fully responsive and undergoing testing at the hospital.