3 dead, 3 injured when SUV flips on I-15

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FALLBROOK, Calif. --The driver and two passengers killed Friday in a rollover crash near Fallbrook while en route to a funeral service in Mexicali were publicly identified Saturday.

The driver was Jerson Ariel Duron Valeriano, 25, of South El Monte.

His wife, 22-year-old Edith Duron, also of South El Monte, and Ivette Garcia, 21, of Los Angeles, were fatally injured.

A witness driving behind the Ford Expedition said he saw a tire tread separate from a wheel on Interstate 15, just south of the Riverside-San Diego county line. The vehicle spun out of control shortly before 12:30 p.m. Friday, according to the county Medical Examiner's Office and the California Highway Patrol.

The SUV tumbled over a center barrier then came to rest upside down alongside the northbound lanes, investigators said.

Following the crash, medics took the SUV's other passengers, a 2-year-old girl, the driver's 21-year-old brother and a 43-year-old woman, to hospitals for treatment of apparently minor injuries, according to CHP Officer Jim Bettencourt.

The child is the daughter of Valeriano and Duron, who was the surviving woman's daughter. The group was traveling to Mexico to attend a memorial service for the oldest woman's father, Bettencourt said.


    • bunch of dummies

      Not really, it happens when you drive without wearing a seat belt and crash. I believe there is a law about wearing seatbelts in California for this very reason.

      • denise

        Seriously? You’re saying that because they didn’t have a seat belt on they pretty much deserved what happened to them? Unbelievable how someone could think that way let alone post those thoughts on a public forum…
        My sincere sympathy goes out to the families involved…I am so sorry for your loss.
        To the heartless fool who posts his stupid thoughts, if you don’t have anything nice to say then STFU!!

        • Happy New Year every body!

          If you ever learned in school Denise, you would understand (cause and effect).
          In laymen’s terms.
          If you allow small children (11/12) to not wear a seatbelt, the end result in a crash is sometimes death.
          The adults in the vehicle are responsible for the safety of the children.
          Sounds like you are the one with nothing nice to say…

          • Minsd

            This story was updated and the two female passengers that died were both in their early 20’s, not children as previously reported. Yes, people should wear their seat belts. Drivers should also check their tires to ensure they are in good condition before driving. The sheriff that was driving behind the vehicle at the time is crashed said speed was not a factor. I actually drive by this accident five minutes after it happened, and it was chaos. I’d guess about 10 or so cars, not involved, had stopped to help. I saw the anguish on the surviving woman’s face, collapsing in the arams of someone not involved in the accident. I will never forget that, what I can only imagine was the agony a mother would feel upon learning of the deaths of her daughter, son in law, and son’s girlfriend… While on the way to her father’s funeral. And that poor toddler now without Her parents. So very tragic, but blessed that the others survived.

  • Nancy

    I am sick and tired of faceless people saying condescending and heartless things. I don’t know any of these people, yet my heart aches for them and their Families. You have nothing of value to add and are heartless, soulless people. Good riddens to you!

  • Jackson

    Loss of life and orphanage of a child is always a sad event. But face it, when tire dealerships “check and adjust” customers tire pressures to cold inflation pressure when the tires are “hot” because the state says they have to, and the CHP is unwilling to enforce speed and load securing laws, tire dealerships sell 7 year old used tires, we value smarter cars with more distracting dashboards which are making drivers dumber, and the fact that we can’t teach our young drivers the responsibilities they must carry to drive on public roads (let alone give them the knowledge to change their own tire when they get a flat), stuff like this is going to happen. It seems EVERY morning there’s carnage on the roads of San Diego County on the morning news. I pray the Lord gives comfort to the families of those he’s called back home, and that the family is able to raise the orphaned child in a loving and opportune environment.

    • Jackson

      I’ve noticed that they will also take air out of your “hot” tires too, which is why I always roll the individual tire in for repair instead of letting them put it back on the truck and “checking” the other 3 tires. I love it when they reduce hot tire pressures from 94 PSI to 80 PSI (because that’s what the door jamb says) and thus reducing the truck’s rear axle’s carrying capacity by 800 pounds when you got a couple pallets of bricks in the back of the truck. It’s not just Discount Tire, it appears every tire shop thinks they’re doing you a service by adjusting your hot tires to cold inflation pressures.

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