Police investigate pair of armed robberies

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego police are investigating a pair of armed robberies that occurred Wednesday night.

Three males walked into Los Dos Pedros taco shop just before 9:30 p.m., held up his employees at gunpoint and demanded cash, said the shop's owner, who wished to remain unidentified.

"We saw the video and it was three black males with handguns," he said. "He had a handgun to the head of one of the employees and then real quick took the whole cash register tip jar and everything and just ran out."

He said the thieves got away with $300 -$500.

"My co-workers said they were really scared...we just had to shut down right after that," the owner said.

The taco shop was not the only target. Two hours earlier in Hillcrest the thieves entered the WineDing Hair Salon and Lounge, held up employees and demanded cash.

It's not clear how much the suspects got away with, but police said the two crimes are related.

"Based on their descriptions, there were three of them, the clothing they were wearing, and the method of operation," said Lt. Kevin Mayer of San Diego Police Department.

In both cases, Mayer said the suspects ran from the scene, disguising themselves.

"They were trying to conceal their faces, their hoods were pulled around their faces tightly," Mayer said.

While the suspects escaped, police said there was evidence left behind.

"All kinds of evidence that we look at including forensic evidence, video footage and witnesses," Mayer said.

"I'm just glad they didn't hurt anybody," the taco shop owner said.

Los Dos Pedros has been in business for three decades in Pacific Beach. The owner said of the 30 years, this was the third robbery.

"I'm just glad…you know the trigger can accidentally go off...I'm just glad nobody was hurt," he said.