Anti-pot activists try to keep dispensary from opening

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SAN DIEGO -- The medical marijuana industry in San Diego has always been a game of chance.

In the 18 years since the Compassionate Use Act passed, not one license has been issued within the city limits.

Now, with one medical marijuana dispensary nearing completion of fulfilling all of the regulations, anti-marijuana activists are attempting to shut down the process one more time.

Activists attempting to block medical marijuana dispensary, A Green Alternative, from opening in Otay Mesa spoke to the zoning commission Thursday.

“A lot of people have come down here to speak their minds about why this should not happen,” said Barbara Gordon, anti-marijuana activist.

“It’s just unfair,” said Blair of A Green Alternative. “We have done everything to code and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stalling the process is very frustrating.”

The zoning commission is expected to make a decision in late January.


  • Bob

    Typical right wing “Christian” nut jobs once again telling people they need to suffer because only they know what is good medicine. Even though none of them have a medical degree. Their ignorance is fueled by their lack of education and deep seated hatred for anyone who does not bow to their God.

    I too wonder what they will do next- kick a dying cancer patient for thrills. They will do this but only after beating their children.

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