Sunday could be Chargers’ last home game

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Qualcomm Stadium

Qualcomm Stadium

SAN DIEGO – Sunday could be the last day a Chargers game is played at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

Currently, no one from the Chargers organization has guaranteed the team will be staying in San Diego for the 2015 season.

“I think we are getting pretty close to losing them,” said Bob Chandler, a long-time sports broadcaster and former voice of the Padres. “Los Angeles is trying to get two teams. The first is the Rams, and then it will be between the Raiders and the Chargers.”

The Chargers’ attorney Mark Fabiani reported that 30 percent of the team’s revenue comes from Orange County and Los Angeles. Fabiani said the loss in profits would be crippling.

“If the team leaves it will have to be in the middle of the night, because when fans find out they would be very angry,” said Jim Russell, a producer at Fox Sports Radio. “The Spanos family could never show their faces in San Diego again.”

The Chargers have the right to leave San Diego beginning Feb. 1 if they decide to opt out of their lease with the city. The option window expires on May 30.


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  • bob pearl

    well if the chargers do leave then beside basketball, it will be another sport that any good true san diegian will not care about anymore. us native born have our pride and should never support any team that is not in san diego and if you do well them you are not true and should be shunned.

  • Richard

    I hope this doesn’t happen…..if anything take the Padres the have done nothing but sale all our good players/coach , to still charge 45 dollars for 3 beers….can never make the playoffs to save there lives!….at least every year the CHARGERS have a fighting chance…they gave the fans what they wanted. A.J. out of office…and since then have made some very good decisions. Picking up players we need weather it be on the D or O…… we picked up this phenomenal coach that shows more life on the sideline then players on the bench for the Padres. If this were to happen it would be like sucking the life out of the city!! I most likely would not watch football anymore it wouldn’t be the same not having a home team to root for! With that said…GO CHARGERS PLAYOFF BOUND….BANG BANG BOLT GANG⚡⚡⚡

  • James

    Bob Pearl,
    You do realize that the Chargers have been trying to get a new stadium in San Diego for over a decade. The issue here is not the Chargers it is the city. The Chargers have spent millions of dollars researching and designing sites for a new stadium, but have gotten no support. What I do not understand is that San Diego officials say they want more money back into the economy, which is something they would have if they had worked with the Chargers and built a new stadium when the Chargers originally asked over a decade ago. From 1988 through 2003, San Diego hosted 3 Super Bowls, which is a huge boost to the economy, and probably could have hosted a couple more SBs because let’s face it there isn’t a better city in mainland US than San Diego in February. It is bad when Commissioner Taglibue commented in 2003 that San Diego will not get another SB until they get a new stadium, but it is downright embarrassing when Al Michaels talks about how horrible the stadium is on NBC and sad that the Chargers players have better facilities when they are on travel than when they at home. This is an issue of bad city officials and not an issue the Chargers caused so I am here to say that if the Chargers move to LA I will continue to follow them because in my eyes they did all they could to stay in San Diego, it was the city that let them and their fans down.

    • Jessica

      I agree with James 100% The Chargers have been asking for a new stadium for years. And have come up with several drafts that would put money back in to the economy. But the city has passed on each one. All with different excuses. There’s room by Petco, put a new stadium there. Or demolish Qualcomm and rebuild there. It kind of seems these days that city officials have no real interest in keeping the Chargers.

      • willis RT

        The current Qualcomm location is perfect – freeway and light rail already in place makes easy and plentiful access from many directions, plus lots of parking. Trying to squeeze a football stadium in downtown next to Petco is nothing short of stupid except that the true motive is a land grab for those in the know to make billions. AND the slimy profiteers want the taxpayers to foot some of the construction bill. F-off! Doze the Q and and have Spanos rebuild a state-of-the-art stadium in its place with his and investor money, not fans. It’s Easy-sqeezy solution, but it doesn’t provide the absurd profit potential for the elite.

    • Eric

      I’m going to respectfully disagree to this comment. The Chargers have a great location in San Diego already. I feel the issue is with its owners. They (the owners) believe the city and it’s tax base should “support ” the organization. That simply is not going to cut it for tax payers who are already over taxed. If the owners want a new stadium then build it, after all you are making the profit. San Diegans are not going to subsidize your stadium and nobody is stopping the owners from building they just want ocean front. And this idea of crying wolf and leaving doesn’t fool anybody. They (Chargers) are not going to leave San Diego so we need to stop listening to attorney’s, sports casters and the commissioner who are trying to tell us the sky is falling… its not! And if the NFL doesn’t want the super bowl here in San Diego (perfect weather and scenery) then go play in the cold, lets see how long that lasts, lol. In the end, when the game is over guess where a great number of NFL players live… you guessed it, San Diego :-)

      • Shawn

        Eric a couple years ago the owners said they would build the stadium it off pocket. They were willing to pay in full for the stadium all they wanted in return was the land around it so they could build shops and things around it. They were going to build it right in the same spot where it’s at now. The city of San Diego said no. The owners used their own money to test soil, draw plans and everything the city stops them and says no you cannot build there.

      • Rob

        And I would disagree with your comment Eric. The Chargers are only using the stadium 8 times a year (and maximum of 11 times including playoffs). The other days of the year, the stadium can be used more a magnitude of profits returning millions of dollars back to the city. A lot of people who oppose a partial taxpayer-funded stadium have a myopic view on the potential future return. And that just on the stadium alone. The businesses, new development, hotels, etc., all around the stadium would proliferate, generating even more tax money back to the city. Just look what Petco Park did for downtown. Imagine an NFL stadium.

    • Shawn

      Could not agree with you more. The Chargers have done a lot to get a new stadium but the great officials of San Diego keep saying no. I say if they leave it’s San Diego officials fault. Also the city will lose more then they think.

      • Adam Welsch (@atom_9)

        SD is one of the most corrupt cities with officials stealing the tax payers money; they have had thousands of employees work for 2-3 years and be on the payroll under retired. They have stolen billions of dollars over the last 30 years. This is why the Mayor doesn’t want the tax payers to pay for the stadium because there would be less money for them to steal.

    • Eric Geller

      I’m an L.A. native who spends plenty of time in San Diego. I’ve done research. The Spanos Family has spent much $$ looking in to building a stadium and could’ve left town years ago. It would be as terrible to lose S.D. as an NFL city as it was losing L.A. as one. Here’s hoping the Chargers resolve stadium issues with your city and stay in S.D., and here’s hoping the Rams return where they belong, Los Angeles.

    • Shawn

      Really money over fans, the owners put allot of money into this city. They have even put their own money into testing areas for a new stadium and is the city that says no. The Q is old and is falling apart they need something new. So if someone is offering a new stadium to you and you know that free agents are not going to come here because of the stadium then I would go also.

  • Michael

    This will break my heart if it happens. LA doesn’t need the Chargers. Most of them root for the Raiders anyway or just watch college football. The Raiders going back to LA would make more sense.

  • SoCalMediaSurfer (@SoCalMedSurfer)

    The disgusting “Tone” of this story is the same as all the others I have read, IF we do not buckle under to the pressure and build it, they will leave, uh huh, go ahead and do not let the door hit you on the way out. The Chargers have held this city hostage long enough without proving they can either FILL a new stadium or WIN enough and get even into the playoffs to deserve a new stadium. Time to “LET EM GO!” They will get some fans from San Diego who will come to LA for games, me, I could NOT CARE LESS. I would rather see a new Performing Arts Center, a new anything rather than feel like a hostage to a team that does not care about this city as much as they claim to.

    • James

      You are a moron, if they did not care for the city they would have left years ago, research it. A Performing Arts Center would be a waste of money. One SB would bring more money into the economy than 10 years of the Performing Arts Center. The Chargers have also offered to pay a lot of the bill.

      • Jeff Madruga

        James, it’s actually YOU who may be a moron. Go back over your “research”. The Chargers haven’t left already because each consecutive exit year will cost them less money, by penalty, to do so. Also, the Big Money they have supposedly spent to get Mark Fabiani dressed in his little monkey suit while they grind their organ for him is probably tax deductible and is certainly self-serving. As are the claims that “the City” has treated them unfairly? Total B.S. Besides, with only 12 or so possible NFL events here annually (because, of course, we’re going to and getting a Super Bowl every year, right?), a Performing Arts Center is easily just as financially viable as a new football stadium could be.

        • Gary

          How did that work out for the Symphony and the Opera? The Library has become the new homelss daycare center. It is a shame what this City has become.

        • James

          The Chargers have been the only ones working to get this done and they could have left many times over the years by paying the buyout, which has dropped every year, but they want to stay. Spanos was going to pay for the entire stadium, but wanted to put in shops around the area and make a great looking spot like the Cardinals have in Glendale. Your comment about a Performing Arts Center being as financially viable is a ridiculous comment and shows your business ignorance. A new stadium would bring billions of dollars back into the economy.

    • Darryl

      Deserve a new stadium?since when does a new stadium have anything to do with deserving? Its a stadium not a Super Bowl ring.

    • Adam Welsch (@atom_9)

      Who wants to go to Chula Vista? Maybe on your way to Tijuana for some entertainment and cheap drinks; but most people are not going to drive to Chula Vista from there Luxury La Jolla homes and spent x amount of dollars as ticket holders

  • Christian

    I believe we should build a stadium in Downtown. Downtown has two sides, the big buildings and nice touristy places but then there’s the not so attractive part of town that has nothing but empty lots and run down buildings. If the chargers moved there, one it would be a great location, two it would clean up the place a little, three updates mean more fans because of better placement and more fans mean more money. I doubt the Chargers will leave San Diego because this rumor has gone on before and turned out to be harmless. Do you know how horrible it would be for SD and the NFL. San Diego isn’t like St. Louis, if we loose this team everyone will boycott the NFL…. at least in SD. Honestly I was born into being a CHARGERS fan and won’t let them leave till I die.

  • Rich Nageotte

    Football teams are rich men’s toys. Remember the names Irsay, Bidwill, Davis or Modell? The teams they moved to new towns were all more successful after the move. They’re also smart enough to not spend their own money on a facility that is used no more than 13 days a year for football. Every owner knows there is more potential money to be made in a large market like LA. The fans come last. The league would rather have them watch the games on TV so they can raise the advertising rates. Mo’ money!

  • Kevin Bombard

    I’ve I’vesent out this idea before. At I-15/ I-215 split in Murrieta. “Golden Triangle” is open area awaiting development. Why not work out a deal to build a Stadium in Riverside County. Still proximity to San Diego/ Orange Co/ even LA. Never heard anyone say good idea. Why not? Fan base is still in area.

  • Darryl

    Ya let’s move them back to LA with all the raider fans smart thinking. No but really. The Chargers are our team and I hate the thought of having to root for them from so far away and not being able to call them our team but to the comment about we shouldn’t support them if they leave and should be shunned well please forgive me if I’m being to blunt but that’s a load of bull shit I’m a charger fan through and through I’ll support my team to the end. people like you are the reason so many people think we’re all a bunch of fair-weather fans and anyone who says they wont support them If they leave then your not a true fan of the team anyways your a bandwagon fan. And to the other comment about the Chargers not caring about their city. I guess you don’t notice all the charity they do for local schools and children and sandiego in general. If you want an art center then move to New York. This Is SD home of the SAN DIEGO Chargers and this is where they belong. I say keep them here!

  • Jeff Madruga

    Well, if the Spanos’ *DO* decide to grab-for-the-cash for the supposedly more lucrative Los Angeles, my advice is simple: Don’t let the door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha! I’m a San Diego native and a Bolt fan since their Balboa Stadium days, 50+ years. But when Alex Spanos bought the team and then specifically handed it over to son Dean as a “legacy” (go back and read the quotes in the Nick Canepa column back then), apparently Deano just can’t seem to decide if he really can “commit” to, or appreciate, either his father’s dream for him or being torn between leveraging a greedy opportunity elsewhere? A conundrum for a man with no spine? In any event, let me be crystal clear in case there’s any doubt: It’s the “San Diego” part of the “San Diego Chargers” that I find the most beautiful, enthralling, and these are the emotions that captures my heart each season (despite the won-loss record) whenever we trot out of the tunnel (especially in our ol’ powder blues & gold). Anything less is just a football fan. I’m kind of sorry that the Spanos’ can’t seem to reach their heart when reaching around their wallets, but the truth is they are cutting off their nose to spite their face if they go to Los Angeles. However, if they somehow DON’T know that already, they’re as good as lost; soulless profiteers dead to everything but the bottom line. In that case: Good riddance.

  • Robert

    As this article states, 30% of Chargers fans come from Los Angeles and Orange Counties anyway, so why not come home to L.A. where they began in 1960?

    The City of Angels knows how to roll and brand new stadium in Downtown L.A. (Farmer’s Field) will be the perfect new home for the Chargers!

  • Fcprop

    Let’s say the Chargers do leave, the reality of team playing at the Rose Bowl for two years or so with an attendance of let’s say 40K since if you have to compete with USC and UCLA is something to consider. The SD fan base will not make the trip, my guess is 10% of the fan base is from Los Angeles out of the 30%. That 10% is probably 1/2 ticket brokers. Let’s be real, this story comes-up every year about this time; we haven’t heard a chrip out of the LA market in awhile.

  • joe

    we don’t need no NFL here in LA we have USC and UCLA there brand of football is more exciting than the chokeland Raiders

  • Scottie Jaymez

    this story is complete bullshit. I’ve been hearing it for awhile now and I’m sick of it. I have watched the Bolts for more than 30 years in our great city. If the Spanos family and other responsible parties submit to this bullshit then SD fans will commit murder…I really hope the Spanos’ pull their heads out of their asses.

  • Charger Greg

    “Sunday could be Chargers’ last home game”- Oh REALLY DUMBASS?. Where are they going to play next year then? ON FACEBOOK? LOL!.

  • Adam Welsch (@atom_9)

    I would be okay if they moved 30 minutes away in Ocean Side but LA is a long drive and not fair to Sandiegian’s… yeah with traffic it is more like 20 hours away not 90 minutes away. Example Columbia missouri is 2 hours away from where the Rams play and the other way 2 hours away from where the Chiefs play. Most people are KC fans in Columbia Mo but then prefer the Cardinals over the Royals even though the Royals stadium is next to the Chefs stadium. So SD would love 50 percent of it’s fan base.

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