Military housing targeted in rash of crime

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SAN DIEGO -- Several military families in San Diego have said criminals are targeting them.

Monday morning, Michelle West’s car was broken into.

West lives in the Orleck Heights military housing neighborhood, part of Lincoln Military Housing.

“I know for sure both of our cars were locked that night," West said. “They’re not doing any damage to the car or setting off any alarms or anything like that."

West hasn't been the only victim.

“They have stolen $20,000 worth of camera equipment, two sets of golf clubs and military IDs,” said Janelle Vandermerwe.

On a community Facebook page a number of residents are posting about similar crimes. Vandermerwe said the problem is with security or lack thereof.

“There’s been several times where I’ve seen G4S sleeping on the job,” said Vandermerwe. “There’s only one or two patrol cars that you see and honestly I’m lucky if I see them once a day.”

Fox 5 contacted security company G4S. Company officials said they have about two dozen reports of crimes in the four military communities they patrol. Cases range from vehicle break-ins to home burglaries.

“Honestly, most people won’t report it because it’s common knowledge SDPD and G4S won’t do anything about it,” said Vandermerwe.

The San Diego Police Department is investigating, but told Fox 5 that in a number of incidents, cars and homes were not secured. They remind residents to always lock doors, windows and cars.

Both West and Vandermerwe said their car and home were secured and that to target military families is wrong.

“Husbands and wives that fight for our country for our freedom, and yet we’re the ones getting targeted,” said Vandermerwe.


    • Jane doe

      Her house was broken into back in feb.. She got insurance money for the stuff stolen. She is a special kind of stupid.

  • bil wis


    • MORON

      Where did your degree in law come from? You may consider chatting with faculty there and let them know how brilliant you are! Lincoln Military Housing wouldn’t be held liable for SHIT! They don’t pay for armed guards, this isn’t BASE housing, You are a special kind of stupid and perhaps should go relearn law- JUST SAYIN

  • I'm No Dependa

    This news story is the opinion of the ladies in the story. .. not all of us that live in these communities agree with what was said or how security was portrayed. They definately were not appointed spokespeople for our community. What a disgrace.

  • rusty shackleford

    Thank you for letting everyone know your disposition. I hope you feel better now that every criminal in San Diego County thinks your courtesy patrol is sleeping on the job while you have thousands of dollars in goods just there for the taking!

    • LockYourStuffUp

      Sorry she was a victim of burglary 7 times but ….Ok did she just say that “to target military families is wrong”.
      “Husbands and wives that fight for our country for our freedom, and yet we’re the ones getting targeted,”
      ….. Really?! So if it were any other civilian it wouldn’t be just as wrong? People here seem to think that being affiliated with the military makes you some kind of special. My husband is military as well but I have to say her words were not very wise. She was definitely not the right spokes person on the behalf of the community.

  • Ashley

    I’m not saying all, but a vast majority of the residents create the opportunity for thieves to get in. You can’t leave garage doors open or doors unlocked and expect nothing to happen. I know because I live here and take every precaution and it’s a relatively safe neighborhood. Security is not to blame.

  • anonymous

    I work for g4s patrolling military housing. The problem is not with g4s, the problem is with residents not locking they’re damn cars! There are two of us here on patrol. SDPD even agrees how can we suspect someone of breaking into a car when all we see is someone getting into a car. .they’re not breaking windows with hammers…they’re merely opening a car door and sitting inside. Are we to stop everyone stepping into a damn car? On top of leaving doors unlocked they leave they’re purses in their cars! A lot of these thefts are a result of laziness and not thinking . It’s the holidays , everyone knows this happens this time of year .

    • Angel

      I lived in that area for 5 years and never had any break ins. The lady who had 7 must be doing something wrong or its the same person that keeps breaking in. I would not want that idiot from G4S watching my neighborhood. That was a really professional response there buddy.

  • Tony

    All security does is sit in their car at the park on Hurlbut St by the school. They are there sitting from 7am – 4pm ALL day long. The only time they leave is to get lunch and they come right back to same spot. My wife called the company to ask them why they are there SITTING on their behinds and not patrolling. The response they gave her was that they are doing paperwork. REALLY, paperwork does not take 9 hours to complete. These guys are LAZY and milking the clock. Get of you ASSES and do your job the correct way and maybe we can all sleep a little better at night.

  • be smart

    If my house was hit 7 times I believe I would have moved out watch the video real good people as she says her door was named with a cro bar from the inside and how did she know what was used come on lady if u so wanted your 15 seconds of fame u got it I live here in housing u did not report any of your breaking to housing did u I do know we have crime but u go on to say stupid stuff y wood u show ur inside of your unit and the news story reporting with out a full investigation it just makes me mad when stupid people find it ok to talk like they know what one house in 900 units get hit 7 times for real get a life laxy

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