Tijuana River Valley residents track storm

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SAN YSIDRO, Calif. -- Like most across the state, people who live along the Tijuana River Valley would like to see more rain, but not all at once.

The area is prone to flooding and has been the scene of dramatic water rescues in the past when residents and their horses have been caught in the rising waters.

That's why they are keeping an eye on this storm, which is expected to drop several inches of rain in a short amount of time.

"I always think about it, not that I'm afraid, but certainly cautious," said Bobbi Wigginton, who has owned a horse boarding operation in the valley for 26 years.

Another reason residents are not too concerned is due to the Hollister and Dairy Mart Road bridges in place over the river bed. The bridges allow for better flow and help keep the roads from washing out.

And just in case, there are two San Diego Lifeguard fast water rescue teams in the area trained to rescue residents and horses.

"We're going to stay down here until we're certain that it's going to be clear. If it does rain we'll be here to make rescues," said Mike Cranston of the San Diego Lifeguard service.

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