Social media lights up after large boom shakes San Diego

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SAN DIEGO – Some sort of loud boom was heard — and felt — around San Diego County Monday. Many people took to social media wondering what happened.

Several people told Fox 5 they heard the boom and also felt their homes shake around 12:30 p.m. Monday.

US Geological Survey did not have any records of a major earthquake in the county around the time of the “boom.”

According to the Times of San Diego, a quarry blast in Bonita felt like a “small earthquake.” The epicenter was listed as 4 miles southeast of Bonita and 6 miles east of Chula Vista.

Did you feel it?

As soon as we find out what caused the boom, we’ll update this story.


  • nflux42

    I felt/heard it. I thought someone had jumped my fence and fell into my house. I went outside immediately but saw nothing.

  • wes

    A group of teenagers used hammers to savagely beat a man to death in a random attack on a St. Louis street Sunday, according to police. Wow hands up we are getting attached. Zemir Begic, 32, was killed because he was white in a black community.

  • Loydene Keith

    I felt it strongly in South Park. My stemware rattled as did the china cabinet door. Front door and floors also rattled. My cat jumped up and ran to the other room and dog was awakened and looked around. It did indeed feel like an earthquake and I was surprised to find no information about it

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