Atheists place ‘Skip Church for Christmas’ billboards in bible belt

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Atheist "SkipChurch for Christmas" billboard

SAN DIEGO — An atheist group is placing billboards in several bible belt cities that show a little girl writing Santa that all she wants for Christmas is to “skip church.”

The billboards are being placed in Memphis and Nashville, Tenn.; St. Louis, Mo.; and Fort Smith, Ark. by American Atheists, according to the group’s website. A fifth bilboard, co-sponsored by the Southeast Wisconsin Freethinkers, is going up in Milwaukee.

The billboards show a little girl wearing a Santa hat holding a pencil. Next to the girl is a letter that reads:

“Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to skip Church! I’m too old for fairy tales.”

The billboard is part of the group’s “firebrand-style” campaign aimed at atheists who are “pressured to observe religious traditions during the holidays,” the group said on its website. They will display from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24.

The group said it tried to put up a billboard in Jackson, Miss., but it was unable to find anyone in the area willing to rent it advertising space.


    • Occams wax

      What if you are wrong and the Muslims are right. You have an eternity of Hell waiting for you?.. I think threatening people with eternal punishment is mentally sick and twisted.

    • churl

      Yes, hell is for real. I know because I don’t believe in the religious tripe you peddle, but I have to listen to it constantly. Because having it pounded into my head as a child wasn’t bad enough.

  • Nicole

    I think it’s wonderful.!!!!! If any other religion can boast about what they believe in, why can’t atheist?????????? GROW UP PEOPLE!!! ITS 2014!!!!!!

    • churl

      There is no age at which this fairy tale is appropriate. There are only cowards and fools who are frightened or stupid enough to believe it (or pretend that they do).

  • Marianne

    I’m seeing the comments and I’m thinking, “Seriously?”. Why don’t the atheist grow up and let us live our lives. No one’s forcing you to participate.

    • Stephen

      Us Atheists would happily leave the religious alone, yet every day, ever month, every year on year we have to fight against religious pressure groups, activists and lobbyists trying to legislate Christian dogma into every day secular life. The pledge of aligence, “In God we trust” on the money, (both relatively recent additions). The never ending fight with creationists over textbooks and evolution. Legislation against birth control, resistance to full equality (race, sex and gender, the religious have dragged their heels on every one). If you think there isn’t huge pressure on atheists to conform, to partake in Christian beliefs and practice, then you are blinded to what’s going on.

      While the more moderate Christians may have a more ‘live and let live’ attitude, we on a daily basis have to put up with being told we are immoral, we are going to hell, we can’t be trusted, that we are evil, all because we stand up and say “What God?”. That and the climate in the USA is so hostile to those sans-religion that so many of us are still hiding in the closet for fear of bible tripping rednecks having a ‘problem’.

      These ads are mainly about reaching out to those atheists isolated by their lack of faith and saying “you are not alone”. It’s about inclusion.

      I still participate. I buy gifts, but wrap them in “seasons greetings” I go home to my family during these weeks I drink a toast and celebrate ‘NewtonMass’. (Sir Isacc Newton was born on Dec 25th 1642). I have no problem with people saying “happy Christmas!” To me as long as they don’t try to legislate against me saying “Happy Newton Mass” in return.

      In short. You say why can’t atheists STFU and leave the Christians alone. To that I say you first!(the collective YOU as a whole that is).

      In the US you have the Christian Right wanting to pull the states into a Christian theocracy. In many nations around the world you have Muslims actively trying to usurp the law of the land and insert sharia law (Islamic theocracy) as the one true law. In every nation you have religious groups trying, if not to force participation, then to utterly stifle decent or criticism. That is antithetical to a sane, healthy, secular society.

      So please forgive us for reaching out to our own. Forgive us for shouting down overreaching, criminal, ideological and legislative religious land-grabs that will, in the end, hurt everyone (including all of you with faith, what ever one amongst the thousands of separate denominations you follow).

      Seasons greetings. Happy Christmas, and happy NewtonMass 😀

    • churl

      I agree. American Atheists should proclaim that everyone who believes differently from them will be tortured forever in the afterlife. That would be a happy, positive, inoffensive message, don’t you think?
      Because I know people on the other side of the fence are about as bright as a wet match, let me be more direct: The Christian assertion–shoved in our faces constantly–that we will burn in hell for eternity, is a disgusting, intolerant, and offensive concept. Calling that crap a “fairy tale” pales in comparison.

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Dear Athiests, there would not be Christmas with Jesus, and therefore no need for you to write a letter to Santa for Christmas. Leave our children alone and show us a little respect. Our country was founded on freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

    • churl

      So, you think the materialism and blatant capitalism that characterizes this holiday is in line with what “Christ” taught? And you’re OK with that, but an atheist billboard, which is directed at other atheists… that’s over the line?
      “Leave our children alone”… Who is this directed at? Atheists have children, too. I’m one of them. And I avoided the topic of religion altogether UNTIL a Christian teacher in her PUBLIC school started sprinkling Christian theology into lessons. Then, I had no choice but to introduce the topic. I had no choice because I will NOT have my child grow up believing that she might be tortured FOREVER if she doesn’t believe the right things. Yours is a disgusting belief system and a failed epistemology.

  • AD

    This billboard is a paradox. I sent the following email to AA.

    Dear American Atheists,

    If the little girl on the billboard is too old for fairy tales, then why is she writing to Santa Claus?

    Ranting to someone she supposedly doesn’t believe in sounds familiar.

    If you’re trying to be persuasive, at least try to make some sense in your campaigns.



    • churl

      Are you saying that there are “attacks” in the AA billboard? Please point them out to me, because I am missing them.
      Every religious claim is an “attack” on another, because they are mutually exclusive. A Mormon claim or a Muslim claim must imply that Christianity is false.
      It really doesn’t matter if people are offended by this. I have seen signs that literally told me I will burn in hell forever. Yet I don’t see any nitwits complaining about that.

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