Michael Brown’s uncle pleads for peace to San Diego congregation

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SAN DIEGO - An uncle of Michael Brown has come to San Diego hoping to escape the upheaval in Ferguson, Missouri.

Rev. Charles Ewing left behind a community in turmoil to speak to the congregation at New Beginnings Church of God in Christ on University Avenue Sunday. He promised a message free of politics and urged peace among protesters.

“There is an unrest [in Ferguson], first of all. I’m really impressed with the protestors, but not the rioting or the looting or the destruction of property. I do not endorse that,” said Ewing.

After the shooting death of Brown in Ferguson, Ewing delivered the eulogy at his nephew’s funeral service.

“I believe that God had given me a message for such a time,” said Ewing of the eulogy.

Last week, after a grand jury issued a decision declining charges against the officer involved in the case, Ewing said he was among the family members calling for peaceful assembly.


  • Joe derringer

    The civil rights was an excellent cause for African Americans. Whites and Blacks knew is was right. The Michael Brown demonstrations are not a good cause. Protesters thinking that they should be heard as a mob ahead of a grand jury that actually say the evidence, makes me feel like blacks do not want justice, they want injustice. If blacks want police to stop profiling them, then stop committing so many crimes. If you don’t want police shooting at you, then do not attack them! If you think burning buildings is going to make people want to convert to mob justice, you are wrong. If you think looting will win you favor, you need serious mental help.

  • Dennis Moore

    Protesting, violent or non-violent, physical or verbal is the fabric of America’s existence. From income tax to prohibition. From Woman’s Suffrage to Civil Rights, Antiwar of the sixties to Gay Rights of the seventies, Labor Movement to Black Power and each and everyone of those movements resulted in a change in our society, as will the present protests result in a change from the brutalization of Americans by police in our cities. But we definitely cannot forget the grandfather of all Protests which brought about the biggest change of all, The Boston Tea Party, it change the world. So, to all of you conservative right-winged naysayers who wish to maintain the status quo, GOOD F’..ING LUCK.

    • wes

      I am on the right, and I agree with what you are saying. The left is them one who protects California teachers that put sperm in little kids cookies.

  • db

    If he listened to the police non of this would have happened. He would have been in jail for robbery at the store he commented earlier that day. But the news and no one else brings that up. This is a witch hunt no matter what the dicision anyone gave them. Take responsibility for your actions, and stop blaming the police for doing there job in stopping crime. Why don’t you protest when a black kills a white or other killings, how about a child gets killed by there parent, or domestic violence or child molesters that are relocated in your neighborhoods. Does anyone have respect for the law? I do.

  • wes

    Blacks are crying over a person who did a strong armed robbery. It does not matter what color he was he got shot for rushing a cop. I see more black racist compared to any other race out there. Blacks don’t want to be equals, they want to be above everyone else. You are not privileged because of your race in this world.

  • wes

    By the way the innocent little African american teens just killed a white guy named Zemir Begic in St Louis. When the parents start screeming burn this shi$ down I am not surprised.

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