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Police search for man who ran over estranged wife

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Chula Vista Police are searching for a man who reportedly ran over his estranged wife.

Ceasar Castillo, 37, is accused of running the woman over two times in the 1100 block of Elm Avenue Friday night around 7 p.m.

Several area residents called 911 reporting an accident, but when they ran outside, residents told police it looked like no mistake.

“One of the witnesses saw the truck that struck her drive southbound on Elm, do a U-turn, continue northbound past the woman on Elm, do another U-turn and then drive through the yard over the victim, striking the victim again. So, it was obvious to the witnesses it was intentional,” Chula Vista Police Lt. Fritz Reber said.

Neighbors were still in shock Saturday morning.

“I’m here every day and I can’t believe this happened right here. It’s so peaceful in this area, what happened ya’ know?” neighbor Jimmy Gonzalez said.

Lt. Reber said the Castillo and his estranged wife, whose name has not been released out of respect for the family, had been separated for one year.

But they argue Castillo tricked the woman into meeting him before the deadly encounter.

“He was jealous she was attempting to move on. They had been broken up for about a year. He  coordinated a meeting with her under the pretense to go buy Christmas gifts for their mutual children,” he said.

The pair had three children together, who police say are safely staying with the victim’s mother.

“That’s kinda’ scary. I don’t like that myself. I would never touch a woman in my life, and for anybody that’s hearing me, walk away, take off, but don’t ever touch a woman,” Gonzalez said.

As police and U.S. Marshals search for Castillo, who worked as a maintenance man in the Mission Bay area, others have already started mourning the loss of a woman described as a loving mother.

Flowers and at least one candle now stand at the scene of the crime, near a fence smashed as the truck hit her.

Officers say Castillo likely fled to Mexico in a white pickup truck and urge anyone who may see him to call (619)585-5665.

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