Strip club fights to stay open after license revocation

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SAN DIEGO – Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club, a Kearny Mesa strip club, is in the middle of a battle with the city of San Diego to stay open after its license was revoked.

Suzanna Cou, Cheetahs' owner since 1989, lives on the east coast but is in San Diego providing testimony in an administrative hearing that will determine whether the San Diego Police Department had just cause to revoke Cheetahs' adult entertainment business license to operate.

“I do believe retaliation has something to do with this,” Cou said. "The revocation action took place after the entertainers filed an action against the police for unconstitutional conduct.”

Cou is referring to a vice raid on the club in March.

The dancers filed a lawsuit against the police department and the city claiming they were held against their will. They also said they were photographed head to toe and, in some cases, completely naked.

It was shortly after this claim was filed that Cheetahs received notice that its license was being revoked.

“Pretty much on a weekly basis, undercover squads were getting lap dances trying to proposition the girls," Cou said. “I believe it's a set up.”

The notice of revocation cites violations of the ‘no –touch law' -- something Cou vehemently denied. She said the city is giving her no recourse to address the violations.

"They are basically very focused on just shutting down Cheetahs," said Cou's attorney, Steve Hoffman. "I believe that is in retaliation for filing a claim for the unconstitutional search and seizure that the San Diego police carried out in March.”

Once the administrative law judge goes through all of the testimony, she will make the determination.

Cheetahs will remain open during the appeals.


  • george w bush

    someone should get mike gillardi to make a comment on this so called retallitation…who cares about a place like this that just exploits women if they can make money.also claims of no touching violations of not occuring is comedy….

  • Wlov

    The police have been going to this strip club nearly on a weekly basis getting lap dances and trying to entrap the ladies working there, then they make them pose for photos some of the girls were naked. Now they are suspending their license to operate as retaliation. This is going to cost taxpayers millions in litigation costs and probably millions in a settlement. Now why doesn’t the city have extra money for police retention bonuses again?

  • Art Morris

    I just can’t believe the police don’t have better things to do. Who cares about what happens in a strip club ? Where is there a victim? Couldn’t the man power for this nonsense be better used to catch real crooks?????????????????

    • United States Citizen

      Better things to do? Typical pot-smoking, knee-jerk Liberal mentality. Nice job on being an adult there MENSA! Ever see our country’s (BTW- that’s the United States of America, just thought I’d remind you) representation of Justice? Known as “Lady Justice”, she wears a blindfold for a reason. It represents objectivity and impartiality. Plainly put, if the laws that we as citizens have voted on and passed are being violated, then without differentially they must be enforced. So your “request”, re DEMAND that the manpower be used to catch the “real crooks” is being fulfilled. You want it changed? Go through the correct legal channels and do so.

  • Freddy

    Whos the matter Art? You upset they’re closing your daily hangout because you can’t get your own woman to get nude for you? There is plenty of Shananigans going on in these establishments. The girls are addicted to meth, oxy and other dope. Because of licensing it has to be regulated. There were several bars in Escondido that were shut down a few years ago because they were actually acting as strip clubs without anyone but the Mexican patrons knowing about it. Go back to your room now and mommy will make you a grilled cheese sandwich.

  • JJ

    Undercover officers going into Cheetahs weekly getting lap dances courtesy of taxpayers in the interest of keeping us all “safe”.. I don’t believe SDPD Vice aka the Gestapo really wants Cheetahs to close.

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