More small fires set in City Heights

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SAN DIEGO -- Arson investigators were called to gather evidence at two small fires set in an area of City Heights that has had a series of recent suspicious blazes.

Both fires were reported overnight less than a mile apart. In one case, a motorcycle was torched. A wooden pallet was set on fire in the second case. Firefighters put out both blazes before they could spread.

An area resident told Fox 5 that the rash of small fires was probably the work of a disturbed individual.

"It's just this person that needs help, mainly, because there's no real reason for doing this kind of thing," the resident said.

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  • Trent Parker

    Corrupt FBI and DEA agents had been using no-knock warrants to enter homes of suspects and steal items and punish suspects that complain.
    On one such entry into my home, someone poured radiator fluid into an open
    container of orange juice. I can not leave any partially used container of food or drink items in my home because after leaving for several hours and returning they often have some sort of strange chemical taste.

    Another time someone entered my home and loosened a gas fitting to my furnace. Filled my garage with gas fumes.

    And another time, after my carbon monoxide detectors kept going off, someone had moved the plenum above the gas water heater over not allowing the carbon monoxide to vent out.

    Then my dog was poisoned to death.

    I ruined their lucrative theft ring. I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain about FBI and DEA agents fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

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