Surf Air attempts to disrupt the way we fly

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CARLSBAD, Calif. - Surf Air is the first airline company to offer a membership program to get unlimited flights in California for $1,750 a month.

The private turbo prop aircraft starts service to Carlsbad Tuesday.

Flights go to Carlsbad, Hawthorne, Burbank, Santa Barbara, San Mateo, Truckee, and Las Vegas.

“When you use the word disruption, Never has it been about changing the way airlines do business, until now, said Jeff Potter the CEO of Surf Air.

Potter says his 8 seat turbo prop planes get amazing gas mileage making his business plan possible, but the primary driver of the business is dissatisfaction with commercial airlines.

“I’m going to save so much time and even a little money for me it’s a win win,” said Gabriel Bristol a new member to the program.

Because there are no security checkpoints each member will have a background check done, but after that, its straight to the airplane and you can wear your shoes and everything.

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  • liam

    Can you imagine what life would be like if you could get on a plane at a local airport and fly to your destination cheaply. I think the government should scrap their lame b version of high speed rail and focus on small airports.

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