Car hits mom, 2 sons hit in crosswalk, witnesses say

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- An Escondido mother and her two sons were hit by a car while they were walking to school Monday morning, a fire official said.

The accident happened near Juniper Elementary School at about 7:30 a.m.

The family was in a crosswalk when a 4-door sedan hit them, according to Justin Miller, an engineer with the Escondido Fire Department.

The boys, ages 4 and 8, suffered minor head and leg injuries, Miller said. Their 42-year-old mother was more seriously injured. Her injuries were classified as moderate, he said.

A school nurse checked on the boys before they were transported to Rady Children's Hospital as a precaution.  The mother was taken to Palomar Hospital, Miller said.

The driver of the sedan remained at the scene. Firefighters told Fox 5 they don't believe the driver did anything wrong.

The accident was under investigation by the Escondido Police Department.


  • rich

    Why is the so much emphasis put on if someone is in a crosswalk? The white lines have no magical powers. They only help assign liability as to who was at fault. Always assume the 1500 pound car is not going to stop and walk with your head up. Being in the right while crossing the street means nothing when you’re dead.

    • Tom

      Everyone needs to be vigilant on the public roads, whether they’re on foot, bike, or a car. But I agree with you. This story is especially unsettling in that it occurred right by the school.

    • jay

      Yeah there are no magical powers in the marked crosswalks, but as drivers, we must be aware of all markings in the street and all of their surroundings, specifically pedestrians. Also at the same time, there are too many people who do believe that they can cross the street without looking simply because there is a painted crosswalk. With all that said, lets all just be smarter, drivers and pedestrians. Just look out for each other because regardless of who is right or wrong, no one wants to be a part of a scenario that involves injury/death

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