Local families await presidential action on immigration

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SAN DIEGO -- Anticipation for President Barack Obama’s planned executive action on the nation’s broken immigration system is growing across the country.

Experts estimate as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants--150,000 in San Diego--could benefit.

“I feel very blessed that I’m able to live here and I thank every day that I have my parents,” said Nazareth Ramos, 16, a high school senior.

Ramos is enrolled in college courses and wants to study engineering.

He benefited from President Obama’s first executive action on immigration, known as Deferred Action Status, allowing millions of young undocumented immigrants to remain in the country without fear of being deported.

The same could soon happen for millions more like his parents.

“We are cautiously optimistic,” said immigration activist Andrea Guerrero.

Guerrero just returned from Washington D.C., where she met with White House officials who said President Obama plans to once again take executive action on immigration before the end of the year.

“What we think will happen is some form of temporary status that is not a pathway to citizenship but does provide the ability for undocumented immigrants to stay here with family members and be able to work while Congress debates what to do about immigration reform,” said Guerrero.

For the Ramos family, it would be the end of a life lived in fear.

“You’re always living in fear. I go to work thinking will I make it home today?” said Lilia, Ramos' mother.

There are many in Congress, mainly Republicans, who oppose the President’s plan to take this action and accuse him of overstepping his boundaries.

They claim it is up to Congress to fix the immigration system.

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  • Ron

    The only reason you live here is because you parents broke the law and came here illegally. And if the system was fixed, you would not be a US citizen just because you were born here to illegal parents. I hope this law will be changed because it is being abused. At least one parent needs to be an American citizen!!! And Obama’s BS Amnesty will fail, as it’s illegal!!

    • Og

      There will be much arguing, disagreement and racism that Obama’s immigration law will create. It’s expected. I admire Obama’s gutsy approach, which at its root, aligns with the core values of our land, as our country has historically opened its doors to those seeking a better life.

      • Ron

        Core values would be to obey the law and not be a criminal parasite. Obama is overstepping his authority and will be set straight. If you love illegals so much, keep some at your house and pay for them!

        • Og

          Don’t get so bent out of shape Ron. Yes, these folks will take jobs that are meant for legal citizens, but being that they will have to go through the hiring process, their beating out a legal resident for a job simply says that they are more qualified. I don’t think employers will just hand these jobs to them at will, unless they can away with paying them less for their labor(which is currently what has kept them attracted to this country). Hopefully this creates competition that encourages higher achievement and maximizes efforts to better ourselves intellectually as a nation, rather than feeling like you deserve and are owed these things simply because of where you were born.

  • Aika Su (@bykydupeku)

    You would think good Liberals would oppose this amnesty bill.

    I lean to the left on many issues and here’s why I think it’s a bad idea:

    Allowing illegals to stay takes jobs away from USA’s poorest citizens and job competition lowers their wages.

    Allowing illegals to stay means they suck up social services funds that should go to struggling American citizens.

    Allowing illegals to stay floods our hospitals with people seeking free medical care making medical care more expensive for all citizens. Mine is up to $450/month. I’m a healthy 28 year old female. (Contrast this to my $26/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance from Eagle or my $15/month dental from Delta)

    Allowing illegals to stay increases population which increases pollution and urban sprawl. (just look at LA)

    Allowing illegals to stay floods our schools with their spawn taking resources meant for our kids education.

    Allowing illegals to stay helps businesses to operate with cheap non-union labor.

    So why do some Liberals support amnesty when it hurts most of the people and issues they support?

  • Jose

    All these moron has done is to ensure that the American People will push back and demand not only secured borders but deportation for those Obama is trying to help.

  • cSiemens

    ” I go to work thinking will I make it home today?” said Lilia, Ramos’ mother.” – Lilia Ramos, if you need to live in fear than you are doing something wrong, such as working illegally in this country – you are not authorized to work in this country yet somehow you have a job – Explain yourself – do you somehow deserve the job a legal citizen should be working? – you have not respected our laws in your presence – you are not respecting our laws in your employment – but somehow in your thinking you believe you deserve some sort of relief – make arrangements for your citizen child to live here with trusted caretakers – go home (or to your country of origin) – come back when you are legally allowed to be here – problem solved – no more living in fear

      • hiccera

        I don’t know Tom – did the Jew violate the laws of the land by their presence in the land? – did they knowingly enter Germany and take up residence in violation of the standing laws of that nation – compare apples to apples Tom

        • Tom

          Besides, that analogy fits in very well with the state of affairs. A small group is getting the finger pointed at them for a majority of the country’s problems based on majoritarian claims that are without merit or supporting evidence. Does illegal immigration occur? Yes, and anyone that refuses to believe so is lying to themselves. However, this is being exaggerated in the hopes of selling papers and seats for politicians. I think we have far greater things to be aware of in this country.

          • hiccera

            The colonist did not violate the law of the land in moving here – you have no support of your claim that they did tom – they in fact made treaties with the occupants of the land allowing their presence – Now the second comment, it is exactly why the Democrats have not compromised with Republicans to allow the issue to be taken off the table – they need the votes they get that are generated by calling Republicans racist grandmother killers – They have even managed to change my own racial status from White to Non-Hispanic White despite the fact that Hispanics cannot be White in the first place – control the language and rule the argument – seen the words illegal immigrant uttered by ANY politician lately – Demographically, we as a country need the immigration – I fully support LEGAL immigrants and i don’t care what color their skin is – i just want them to be respectful of the laws and customs of the land instead of demanding rights they do not have and that we adopt and allow for their culture instead of the other way around (Roosevelt at least had that much right) – Also, per the constitution, congress sets immigration policy and according to Obama it would be illegal for the President to try to set the immigration policy unilaterally by executive order – but he did it once and created a surge of unaccompanied youth and families from central america which he used as cover to funnel millions of dollars to groups like La Raza to help pay our tax money to legally represent those who happen to show up for hearings (less than 10% of which even bother to show up) which exacerbates immigration problem, the debt, enforcement at the border, health issues, ect….. – and because he lost the election where “his polices were on the ballot” he is ready to do it again – hope fully the Republicans are smart enough to block funding of any unilateral action he may take in this regard

          • Tom

            If they had treaties, the why was the Indian Removal Act necessary? As far as Hispanics go, yes, they can be white. This is why most people from Spain have very light complexions, and you can see it in some of the population of Mexico. That term really has more to do with the geographical boundaries rather than heredity or genetics. I’m glad that you brought up Democrats, because both sides are playing this debate for voters.
            And of course legal immigration is much better than illegal immigration. That I can’t argue. However, if you’re referencing FDR, he continued the Mexican Repatriation initiated by his predecessor, President Hoover, which saw the removal of millions of Mexicans from the United States. These weren’t just border jumpers; it affected even those that were legal citizens of the United States. A president should not be able to unilaterally set immigration policy, yet this happened over 80 years ago. As far as your statistic, that is false. Statistics on this are readily available through the Department of Justice as well as Department of Homeland Security. Not everyone shows up, but it is nowhere near the level that people assume it is, which is another huge issue that greatly affects the immigration discussion.
            The funny thing is that I am more politically aligned with Republicans, but the kicker is that they’re the ones that have historically been pro-immigration when compared to Democrats. After all, a Republican president was the one that gave amnesty back in the 80’s.

    • Tom

      Well guess what? Even without illegals, you’re still paying for someone’s food assistance, housing, retirement, and lawsuit awards.

  • Freddy

    I have a friend who is a teacher. She is so fearful of the Republicans now because if they start deporting all the illegal kids currently in the San Diego City  Schools they will have to lay off so many teachers for lack of students and she fears for her job with 12 years experience in the district. No one ever talks about that. Think about that every time you working folks pay your property taxes. There are so damn many kids in our schools who are illegal, and you know NOT ONE OF THEIR PARENTS OWN A HOME THERE FORE pay no taxes that go to pay for their education. Wake up people. It won’t be 150,000 in San Diego. It will be a lot more than that. Remember years ago “the day without a mexican?” The roads were absolutely empty. Every person I know was asking for more days like that. Deport now, secure the borders by putting the National Guard at the borders. It is inevitable someone from a Muslim country will make it through the boarder and wreak havoc in our town. Ron you and Aika are spot on.

    • Tom

      We as a nation have been at war for over 13 years… So why hasn’t any attack happened? Did the 9/11 hijackers come through Mexico?

      Didn’t think so.

    • hiccera

      That is sort of like a CO (prison guard) praying for more crime and more laws that put more people in prison – if less people got busted I might lose my job of 12 years guarding prisoners – also similar to the money stolen from smokers that goes straight into the general fund to pay for ways to prevent smoking, something tells me they do not want less smoking but rather the taxes from those who smoke – and lets not talk about the plastic bag ban that supermarkets were against until they got a cut of the money that will be taken from consumers – back to the teacher, sadly she or he should not have based his or her life on educating children who are illegally here – we are in debt up to our eyeballs and need that money to educate children legally present here – #jussSayin

      • Tom

        Do you think teachers have control over what students they teach? Do you think they get to say “I don’t want to teach brown kids” or “I’m not teaching illegals”?

        • hiccera

          No teachers don’t – but if the government is supporting the wagon wheel industry and so you get a job making wagon wheels you have no right to complain when the government correctly withdraws support for the lame and irrelevant industry and your job that should not have been their in the first place goes away as a result

          • Tom

            Education isn’t an irrelevant industry. Hopefully this’ll be a little bit closer to comparing “apples to apples”.
            Let’s take military base closures. Those are serious game changers, as a base closing in any politician’s district would result in the loss of thousands of jobs, and possibly thousands of residents if they have to move to another location for work. It goes much deeper than just the base itself; closures affect the local economy and businesses, from the liquor store right outside the gate to defense contractors that manufacture military equipment. And when bases close, we can’t just say “Sorry, better luck next time”. This is a conscious decision that is made by our elected officials.

  • Etime Soy

    Anyone in our country illegally should leave today, and this idea of anchor babies has to stop, I can not afford to ake care or you any more, go back home and figure out life. Or legally immigrate into this country and pay your fair share of taxes and resources you are consuming.

  • Etime Soy

    “You’re always living in fear. I go to work thinking will I make it home today?” said Lilia, Ramos’ mother. You should be living in fear Lilia, you are criminal stealing from the USA tax payer. You should be able to make it hoe today, your home in your own country. If you want to live in ours, obey our laws, and apply for immigration.

    • Tom

      Go ahead and prove that she is committing welfare fraud. Or any kind of theft to the tax payer. You making that accusation without any source of fact is the epitome of naivety

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