Hazmat team called after raid at South Bay drug lab

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Federal drug agents raided a South Bay condominium believed to be used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents, aided by local police, served a search warrant at a condominium unit in 700 block of Broadway and seized more than 100 pounds of liquid methamphetamine. After entering the unit, agents called in the county hazardous materials team and taped of the entrances to the unit. The team remained at the residence for several hours.

According to the DEA, liquid meth is harder to detect as it's smuggled across the border. Agents also seized a conversion lab used to turn the meth into crystal form -- ready to be sold on the streets.

Neighbors told Fox 5 News that they saw agents remove several compressed gas tanks and bags of what appeared to be drugs. A red warning sign printed on county letterhead was placed on the door of the unit stating that the condominium had been used to manufacture and store methamphetamine. It warned of possible chemical contamination.

Area residents told Fox 5 that they never suspected that drugs were being manufactured nearby, but they were glad that the DEA took action to shut down the operation.

"I saw the cops, but I was unaware of what was happening," one resident said. "But now, this morning, knowing that it was a meth operation and the chemicals --- there could have been an explosion in small quarters -- it could have been pretty harmful to everyone. But I never even knew."

DEA officials said no one was present in the residence at the time of the raid and no arrests have been made.

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  • dannyleighton

    Easy solution to this problem. Force feed the criminals the entire amount of the drugs they made over a week, and let their customers witness them as they went to meet their final judgement.

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