Police chase woman in stolen CHP car

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SAN DIEGO - Dozens of officers pursed a woman in a stolen California Highway Patrol vehicle near Mission Bay Thursday afternoon.

A CHP officer came under gunfire Thursday at 2:45 p.m. during a hit-and-run accident in the area of Clairemont Drive and De Anza Cove near Interstate 5.   A woman stole the officer's cruiser, sped off and led a pursuit through Mission Bay and Mission Valley.

Dozens of officers, including San Diego police, pursued the vehicle until coming to a stop at Friars Road and Qualcomm Way.

A short time time later, at least one officer opened fire, CHP spokeswoman Mary Bailey said. The suspect was then taken into custody.

It's unclear if she was wounded. No other injuries have been reported.

Authorities closed traffic lanes in the area into the evening hours to allow for investigation.

This story will be updated as information becomes available.


  • Mike

    Cool, is this just like the bike sharing program in San Diego, use a cop car and then leave it so some else can use it? I like!

    • john

      Except that law isn’t actually doing anything for a long time, so it couldn’t “prove” anything. Judging from your spelling, I can see where you are starting from.

      • Wrong

        You’re 100% wrong. The changes went into effect immediately turning multiple felony charges into misdemeanors and allowing crooks already in custody to petition the courts to be released.

  • Doug

    More like dozens and dozens of police chased this car. I counted 53 police vehicles with lights and sirens running down Friers Road. Does anyone else see the problem with this? What were they going to do? Let’s see – endanger public safety, take valuable resources off station, waste gas. Certainly exciting to go on a wild chase, but couldn’t someone have provided adult supervision and taken tactical control? Certainly reduces my confidence in SDPD..

      • Doug

        yep – everything the police do is okay and no one should ever question why. Sorry, I’ll shut up and join the rest of the sheep… Hope someone’s around to change your pants.

  • john

    This is why you stop busting people for weed and put everyone into Meth. People on weed don’t do things like this. People on Meth, this is called “Thursday”.

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