Padres player charged with resisting arrest

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Everth Cabrera

Everth Cabrera

SAN DIEGO – A criminal complaint was filed by the San Diego District Attorney’s Office against Padres shortshop Everth Cabrera for allegedly resisting arrest in September.

Cabrera was arrested at a checkpoint on state Route 94 in eastern San Diego County on September 3 at 12:30 a.m. by California Highway Patrol.  He was accused of driving under the influence of marijuana, DA’s spokesman Steve Walker confirmed Thursday.

The complaint notes the 27-year-old professional baseball player resisted an officer’s order by force, Walker confirmed. After detaining Cabrera, CHP officers transported him to El Cajon office.

By the time he arrived at the El Cajon office, he was not showing signs of being under the influence and released, according to the  complaint.

Cabrera’s misdemeanor arraignment is scheduled for December 8 in East County.


  • Michael

    Such a BS charge in California. How many other states just passed recreational and this cop probably effectively screwed EC’s career. Some may say smoking ruined it but I think we’re seeing a major consensus that legalization is probably the better option..

    • Zippy_TMS

      If his driving was impaired, then he was a danger to himself and others. If he was recreationally using in a safe place, I’d understand your argument.

  • DavidM

    Wait, so he was arrested for DUI, then someone looked at him and said, “well, no DUI here.”

    But wait, he didn’t want to be arrested for the crime that you now agree that he didn’t commit, so let’s charge him with resisting and do a press release so everyone knows how truly vindictive we really are.

    Nice job, Ms. Dumanis.

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