Gov. Jerry Brown wins record 4th term

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Jerry Brown

SAN DIEGO — California Gov. Jerry Brown made history when he won a record fourth term Tuesday.

His opponent, Republican Neel Kashkari, conceded to the 76-year-old incumbent governor at the Westin South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa just before 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“We came up short today so I’m in no position to make grand statements or any bold demands,” Kashkari said. He said his one humble request of the governor was to “push the special interests aside, fight for the kids of California, to fight for the working families of California.”

Kashkari had been considered a long-shot to unseat Brown from the outset. Results of a recent poll of likely voters showed the challenger trailing by a wide margin, 59 percent to 41 percent.

In Sacramento Tuesday night, Brown alluded to the Republicans’ capture of the U.S. Senate as he pledged to stay the course with an agenda of fiscal restraint, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“In the rest of the country, they’re going in a slightly different direction,” Brown said outside the historic Governor’s Mansion. “In California, we are going to go in, I think, a very progressive but fiscally responsible direction.”


  • Vikingbred

    Congratulations and good luck to the Dems in California, my old home state. They will need it. With massive amounts of unfunded public mandates and pensions, with businesses leaving the state right and left (therefore eroding the state’s tax base), and more…all of Jerry Brown’s accounting tricks will only work so long until the house caves in on itself. Of course, Jerry won’t be governor by then and won’t take the heat. But the state is destined to go the way of Detroit and Michigan…i.e., eventual default and bankruptcy. You can only raise taxes so much for so long. Unfortunately, California will be considered “too big to fail” and the rest of the U.S. will eventually have to bail out the politically correct, but economically challenged idiots in Sacramento who are gradually ruining its economy, its public schools, its infrastructure, and more. Can’t wait to see what a huge success the multi-billion dollar Bullet Train is going to be once the true price tag and level of ridership of that “bridge to nowhere” are revealed.,

    • Ron

      Democrats suck, as the latest polls in the rest of non-ignorant liberal America show…only Mexifornia is still too stupid to realize America is sick of Liberal BS

  • retired02

    What is it with the voters in this state. Once again a crash of Dims won in the state capital. Stand by as we get more taxes. And did you notice all the judges were chosen by 70 to 75% of the votes. Does anyone look up their records and what they believe. These are future federal judges, who will follow their unconscious mind instead of the Constitution. You are right, I don’t like Dimocraps and I hate liberals.

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