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DeMaio, Peters in the hot seat before Election Day

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SAN DIEGO – The two candidates in the race for San Diego’s 52nd Congressional District made their last push to get votes Monday while addressing accusations of sexual misconduct.

Calling the campaigns between incumbent Scott Peters and candidate Carl DeMaio a contrast is an understatement. The two candidates have run one of the nastiest and negative campaigns leading up to the election.

It was reported Sunday that 25-year-old Navy veteran Justin Harper said DeMaio came into a men's restroom at his campaign headquarters and exposed himself.

Previously, another former campaign aide accused DeMaio of fondling himself in his office. The onetime mayoral candidate was investigated for sexual harassment, but prosecutors declined to file charges because they didn't have enough evidence.

“I will not join Mr. Peters in the mud,” said DeMaio. “It’s character assassination attempt like non-other we’ve seen.”

DeMaio was referring to his former staffer’s allegations of sexual misconduct. He claimed Peters and his team orchestrated the allegations. He pointed out a published report revealing email exchanges between his opponent’s staff and his former staff members.

“Emails sent by Peters campaign to these individuals coordinating them and coaching them on how to advance their false smear campaigns against me,” said DeMaio.

Peters was asked by several media outlets about the emails at Monday’s morning press conference.

“No one in my campaign has made these accusations. These are accusations made by two members of Mr. DeMaio’s staff,” said Peters. “These people are loyal republicans who used to consider him a hero and these are questions Mr. DeMaio needs to respond to.”

The San Diego Police Department was unclear on whether there was an investigation into the latest allegations against DeMaio, but told Fox 5 all claims of criminal activity are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

Fox 5 was also informed several members of the media had been blocked from DeMaio’s Twitter page. Dave McCullough with the campaign said several people handle DeMaio’s Twitter account, the problem was fixed once it was discovered people were blocked.

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  • James Hartline

    The creepy individual who Carl DeMaio chose to speak at his press conference today is Nicole Murray Ramirez, a transvestite who was one of the main crony promoters of Bob Filner in his 2012 mayoral campaign. Ramirez has a long history of promoting the gay pornography industry and hosting contests where he judged male performers and the size of their genitals, as well as being involved with the same local pornography businesses that DeMaio’s gay partner Johnathan Hale does photography promos for through his photo business SDPix. Is that the change you DeMaio enablers are looking for? How on earth do you possibly believe that it is a good thing or an ethical thing to send a candidate to congress who puts Filner’s crony campaign supporter in front of his press conference microphone the day before the election to instruct voters on what is good for them in congress? Do you see a pattern? Filner was sexually harassing and abusing his staff. Ramirez was involved in Filner’s campaign while Filner denied abusing any of his workers. DeMaio is intimately involved with a gay partner who is intimately connected to the pornography industry. DeMaio’s workers are now coming forward to warn the public about the sexual abuse they were exposed to by DeMaio. Like Filner, DeMaio is mocking his victims. Like Filner, DeMaio has transvestite porn promoter Nicole Murray Ramirez involved in his campaign. And like Filner, DeMaio and Ramirez are mocking abuse victims and the voters of San Diego. It is time, long over time, for the voters of San Diego to stop enabling this nonsense and to embark upon a truly new path of truth and electoral integrity.

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