2nd man accuses DeMaio of sexual harassment

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SAN DIEGO – A second man came forward accusing Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio of sexual harassment, KPBS reported Sunday, a couple days before the mid-term Election Day.

According to KPBS, the 25-year-old accuser Justin Harper previously worked as a staffer for DeMaio. He was allegedly in a restroom at DeMaio’s headquarters in Mira Mesa when DeMaio hovered near him holding his genitals.

No words were exchanged, but Harper’s employment with the campaign ended two days later, according to the report.

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office decided to not file charges against DeMaio after the first man came forward accusing DeMaio of sexual harassment.

DeMaio’s campaign spokesman Dave McCulloch released a statement Sunday:

“By resurrecting this outrageous lie in the last 48 hours of the campaign, Scott Peters has sunk to a new low. Peters’ campaign manager MaryAnn Pintar has now been caught coordinating with these individuals to advance this disgusting false smear that the District Attorney dismissed weeks ago. Both Mr. Bosnich and Mr. Harper’s girlfriend were the suspects in the break-in of our campaign office – from which Scott Peters campaign was the recipient of the confidential campaign playbook that was taken during the break-in. Scott Peters' actions are reprehensible and demonstrate he is what is wrong with Washington.”

Shortly after the statement from DeMaio’s camp circulated, Congressman Scott Peters’ communications director Alex Roth fired back with his own statement:

"It is a false and egregious lie to suggest our campaign is to blame for the Filner-esque mess Mr. DeMaio has created. Both of DeMaio's accusers worked for his campaign, both are loyal Republicans. These are serious charges and there are victims. Carl needs to stop placing blame on others and take responsibility for his actions."

DeMaio and Peters are campaigning for the 52nd Congressional District seat. The district includes coastal and central portions of the city of San Diego, as well as the suburbs of Poway and Coronado.

Peters previously served two terms on the San Diego City Council terms from 2000 to 2008. He then became a San Diego Port commissioner before defeating Republican challenger Brian Bilbray for the newly created 52nd Congressional District.

DeMaio served one term as a member of the San Diego City Council, representing District 5 from 2008 to 2012, after running successfully for termed-out councilman Brian Maienschein.

Endorsed as his successor by then-mayor Jerry Sanders, DeMaio ran unsuccessfully for mayor in November 2012, losing by a margin of 47.5 percent to 52.5 percent to Bob Filner, who later left the post in disgrace due to numerous sexual-harassment allegations brought by female city employees.


  • Al

    How convenient. And all the other accusations investigated by SDPD showed DeMaio clear of any wrongdoing. These people are getting desperate.

  • Fred

    Demonrats running scared. I can’t believe this BS again. If this isn’t reason enough to see how low the demonrats will stoop to control YOU and your life from Washington then there’s no hope left in this once fine country!

  • Debbie

    The so called news media can share blame for not fully investigating the allegations in the first place. Apparently the 2nd man said the ‘harrassment” occured by the urinal when in fact the urinal was out of order and that was corroborated by the maintance dept. If your going to report the news report all of it not just bits and pieces.

  • PQConstituent

    They’re both weasels and idiots… but Peters takes the cake with this one! When are we ever going to get any decent politicians again? DeMaio’s a whiner and Peters is a liar on par with Pinnocchio. For God’s sake, these guys are running for United States Congress… not Jr High School President. Grow up, both of you.

    But we have to choose one? WHERE’S THE RESET BUTTON?

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