Biden leads rally for Peters in San Diego

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KEARNY MESA, Calif. -- Vice President Joe Biden led a rally Saturday for Rep. Scott Peters at a Kearny Mesa labor hall, where he told nearly 400 supporters of the first-term congressman that defeating Republicans Tuesday is vital for the middle class.

Biden was in town campaigning for Peters, whom pollsters say is in a dead heat with Republican Carl DeMaio in the race for the 52nd Congressional District. The district includes coastal and central portions of the city of San Diego, as well as the suburbs of Poway and Coronado.

Biden criticized GOP congressional candidates for talking about what they are against, but not telling voters what they support. Biden said it's important for the middle class that Democrats do well Election Day in order to improve their economic fortunes and stave off GOP-led cuts.

“The reason why it's so critical that Scott go back, that we retain the Senate, is we have to deal the middle class back in,” Biden said. “The middle class is what built this country.”

The crowd cheered throughout Biden's speech and rallied in support of Peters.

Attendee Barry Thomas said the point of the entire speech came down to one action.

“Just vote! Get out and vote," Thomas said. "That was the main thing, just vote."

Biden urged people to send Democratic candidate Scott Peters back to Washington, D.C. for another term.

“Scott understands infrastructure means good-paying jobs, especially here in San Diego, with the Port of San Diego,” Biden said.

“These guys say they care," Biden said about Peters' opponents. "Folks, isn’t it funny you don’t hear Scott’s opponent running on any of these things?”

Opponent Carl DeMaio showed up outside of the rally.

“Barack Obama sends his right-hand guy to try to salvage Scott Peters’ losing campaign in the remaining days of the election because they know Scott Peters has been a rubber stamp for their failed agenda,” DeMaio said.

With a rally of his own, phone calls to make to voters and a door-to-door campaign alongside 300 other people, DeMaio did not stay long at the event.

In an effort to reach more voters in different locations, Peters was quick to exit after Biden’s departure. But he expressed how grateful he was that the vice president made a trip to San Diego.

“It’s very impressive,” Peters said. “I’ve been working really hard the last two years to approach Washington the right way, and to have [Biden] come out and say he thinks I should go back--that really was terrific.”


  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Does anybody really think that rich guys Biden & Peters CARE about the middle-class? Biden is a lame duck VP & Peters happened to marry a prosperous wife who is paying for his political career. They are using this middle-class stuff to appeal to voters and nothing more. Same old pandering politics to win office. (BTW, I already voted for Peters.)

  • Etime Soy

    “Scott understands infrastructure means good-paying jobs, especially here in San Diego, with the Port of San Diego,” Biden said.
    Democrats…..understand that they can hold tax payers hostage with infrastructure jobs by granting these jobs to unions and giving in to their exorbitant demands for “prevailing wages” and piss poor workmanship.

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