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Woman shoots intruder in Lincoln Park

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego Police are investigating a home intrusion shooting that occurred in the Lincoln Park neighborhood Wednesday morning.

The shooting happened after a woman broke into a home on the 500 block of Drew View Lane, San Diego police Lt. Kevin Mayer. The homeowner woke to the security alarm and saw a complete stranger standing her hallway.

“[The intruder] was at the alarm box in the hallway, trying to manipulate it or do something,”  Mayer said.

The victim confronted the intruder and demanded her to leave.

“An argument did ensue,” Mayer said. “The victim was completely surprised and didn’t know who this person was and why she was in her house.”

The woman then charged at the victim. The victim then fired one round, shooting her in the leg.

Though the motive behind the break-in is still unclear, police said the homeowner’s actions are justified.

“Even when pointing a gun at the stranger and telling her to leave, [and] the stranger continues to advance on the female, that’s pretty serious,” Mayer said.

“I’m very shocked, and it’s very alarming,” said neighbor Jack Woods.

“She’s very nice, very low key and takes care of her property,” Woods said. “She’s just an overall good person.”

Woods, who lives across the street and knows the victim, commended his neighbor and said his reaction would have been the same.

Mayer said the intruder was arrested, but no charges have been file. The case was forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for possible prosecution.​


Woman shoots female intruder in leg


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