Shutting down San Onofre to take 20 years, cost $4.4B, NRC says

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SAN DIEGO - It will take 20 years and cost $4.4 billion to decommission the San Onofre nuclear power station, regulators say.

Activists and residents peppered the members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Monday with pointed questions about the decommissioning process.

"How can you tell us a price when you can’t even tell us how long the waste will be there,” asked a woman at the meeting.

San Clemente resident Rochelle Becker said she thinks the process will end up costing much more than the commission's estimate.

"The NRC has never met a budget. Why in the world should they now?” Becker asked rhetorically.

While the commission estimated that it would take 20 years to decommission the reactor, that doesn't include removing the plant's spent nuclear fuel rods. The spent nuclear waste will remain on the property for up to 100 years, under the current plan.

There is no federal nuclear waste storage site, so every nuclear reactor faces the same problem. At the end of their life cycle, nuclear power plant will become nuclear waste storage sites until that changes, according to the commission.


  • eyes wide open

    Lies, The entire population of So. Cal. should be pissed off right now! The companies that own and profited from this mess, are putting the cost right back on the rate payers. Not to mention the risk to each and every person that lives in So. Cal… Wake up people, and get mad… Or suffer thru an unimaginable pain!!! This place is a ticking disaster waiting to happen!!! Man made or natural, take your pick!!!

    • Vigilant Satyr

      Perhaps you can point out the specific lies and show some evidence to support your allegations there Mr. Open.
      Being as a utility is a business and makes money, some of which is profit, by charging people for the service they provide and that the decommissioning of retired generating stations is part of the cost of doing this business, perhaps you can enlighten us as to how this cost will be paid if they don’t charge their customers, the ratepayers for it.
      As for the pain, I can imagine quite a lot, and if I need help, the Internet is there. Could you be a little more specific about your allegations of “unimaginable pain!!!”?
      Disasters tick? Did you mean that this place is a ticking time bomb that will lead to a disaster? Again, I must ask you to provide evidence to back up your allegations.
      I’ll take “Man Made” for $2000 Alex.

      • eyes wide open

        Look at your bill smart a s s! If you have either So. Cal Edison, or SDG&E as your utilty supplier, you are already paying for the closer dip $ h i t! You the rate payer have been and are still paying for the companies above screw-ups for the past 50 years (outside of the dully deserved profits)!!!
        1) Natural Disaster: The area in and around San Onofre is above a wieldy known major fault line (Newport-Inglewood-Rose Canyon). Capable of producing an 8.0 or greater earthquake.
        2) Man made: The storage of any spent nuclear fuel rods at that site is an accident that is preventable now. The material is between more than 25 million people (both Orange County and San Diego County. They are one dumb a s s’s mistake away from a full meltdown.
        Both of the scenarios would produce the unimaginable pain I spoke of. No game fool!

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