Parents warned to screen Halloween candy

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Marijuana candy (San Diego Sheriff's Department)

SAN DIEGO – Parents should check their children’s Halloween trick-or-treat bags for marijuana-laced candy, sheriff’s officials warned Monday.

Some treats that look like regular chocolate bars, brownies or gummy candies may be infused with marijuana, the department warned. Those products containing pot look very similar to regular candy, making it difficult to spot the difference.

THC is the active ingredient in pot and can make a child sick if eaten. The concentration of THC in the candy is potent, sheriff’s officials said.

Marijuana candy (San Diego Sheriff's Department)

Marijuana candy (San Diego Sheriff’s Department)

Police recommend checking your child’s entire bag of candy for anything suspicious and throwing out anything that is open.

In California it is illegal to give a child marijuana and doing so could result in felony child endangerment charges.

If any form of marijuana-laced candy ends up in your children’s Halloween bag, call the Sheriff’s Department at 858-565-5200.


  • liam

    What? No mention of razor blades in the candy? I bet a record number of razor blades were sold this October. Won’t someone please think of the children?

  • Jolian Buenrostro

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