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Carjackers flip stolen SUV into house

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Two men were hospitalized Monday with serious injuries after the stolen SUV they were in flipped onto its roof and crashed into a living room following a brief road chase by police in Escondido, authorities said.

Just after 11:30 p.m. Sunday, officers learned that a silver Toyota 4Runner that was stolen in Oceanside six days earlier might be in Escondido, according to Escondido police Lt. Justin Murphy.

Officers spotted the SUV a short time later in the 1600 block of East Valley Parkway and a brief road chase ensued until officers lost sight of the vehicle in the area of Midway Drive and Washington Avenue, Murphy said in a statement.

Within minutes, officers found the vehicle again, he said — at 11:51 p.m. at 2770 Fieldbrook Way, where it had flipped onto its roof and crashed into a living room.

The driver bailed on foot but was quickly found nearby on Prairiestone Way suffering from a visible head injury, Murphy said. His passenger had to be rescued from the crash wreckage and was taken to Palomar Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, according to the lieutenant, who said both men were in possession of handguns.

The driver, whose identity was unknown, was also taken to the hospital. No one inside the home was injured.

Both men face multiple felony charges, Murphy said.


  • Wlov

    What are the odds the father was here illegally? There is a lot of crime committed by illegals, but you can no longer state that fact, you must ignore who they are and try to solve the problems of our society without taking into consideration the background of the person committing the crimes.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    mmmmm….why an illegal cause it happened in Escondido or ?. Ignorant individuals. Grow up America, enough with the illegal comments…it’s careless people committing crimes on a daily basis without thinking of what the outcome will be after the fact. This was a careless father that brought his son into a heap of hell to join the likes of him. who cares if they were white, black, Mexican, Phillipino, whatever ….what they did lead to this outcome but the good thing that no innocent people were hurt, the home could be fixed, the children or them could not …. Like all these schools shootings…..not one that I have heard has been an illegal….so calm down with the race card and find out the facts before commenting. Google it before commenting….you’d be surprised the facts on every story.

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