SDSU police investigate 4th sex assault

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SAN DIEGO -A San Diego State University student was sexually assaulted over the weekend, bringing the number of assaults since the school semester began to four, campus police said.

The student was assaulted at student housing near campus around 1 a.m. Saturday, campus police said. She knew her attacker, but authorities would not elaborate if they were friends or acquaintances.

SDSU police have a person of interest in mind who is not a SDSU student.

In September, three sexual assaults were reported, involving acquaintances. Those victims knew or hung out with their attackers earlier in the day, according to investigators.

Some students were upset to hear about the latest sexual assault and told Fox5 the university was not doing enough to prevent the attacks.

"Horrible things continue to happen to these innocent students," a SDSU student said. "Something clearly isn't being done to protect them and I'm not spending thousands of dollars to go to a school I can't feel safe at, or that my friends can't feel safe at."

SDSU officials said last month, they offered education programs and activities to help students make good decisions in social situations, as these recent sexual assaults involved acquaintances and not strangers.

The university's freshman orientation on "Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention" has also been expanded from 5 to 30 minutes in length.


  • Black and White

    I was on the campus the other night for a concert and noticed all the push button help me boxes around the campus as well as many campus police offices. Good job! However I also noticed a large amount of young women all walking around with their behinds hanging out of their daisy dukes. I mean really hanging out. Does anyone at campus ever talk about provocative attire? Or nobody wants to cross that bridge? Yes I know your burning up the keyboards with “I can wear whatever I want. By all mean do and when you become a victim maybe you’ll rethink how you dress. Be safe

    • Jennifer Newell (@jennyjenjen)

      Yeah, that’s victim-blaming. We don’t cross that bridge because it is not an appropriate answer or solution to what’s going on.
      It has nothing to do with wearing whatever one wants. It has a lot to do with a culture that promotes rape and assault by saying that there are exceptions to getting permission, such as “she was dressed provocatively” or “she wanted it.”

  • Aztecforlife

    No one deserves to be hurt, no matter what they wear. You are putting the blame on girls for wearing short shorts, but not the men who can’t stop and ask for permission.

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