Man killed after walking into path of train

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ENCINITAS, Calif. — A man was killed when he walked into the path of a passenger train near Beacon’s Beach Monday, investigators said.

The man walked into the path of the southbound Coaster locomotive off the 1000 block of North Vulcan Avenue in Encinitas shortly before 11:30 a.m., according to sheriff’s officials.

The engineer sounded the train’s horn and bells but was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting the victim, who died at the scene, Deputy Jeffrey Houser said. The man’s name was withheld pending family notification.

There were 135 passengers on the train when it hit the victim, North County Transit District officials said. They were loaded on buses and taken to their destinations.

The tracks were clear for train service again by 1:30 p.m ., according to North County Transit District officials.


  • Mike Land

    Train always wins. I helped with our town festival this summer. The BNSF tracks run right down the middle where the festival was taking place. Dads were the worst trying to run across the tracks with a train just 1 block away going around 50. Its an optical illusion. Finally we posted several Explorer volunteers. These were great kids. I got to teach them about trains. Well, none of them knew about signals and sidings. I showed the kid that both signals were red. It meant that the next train that comes along must stop on the siding, which is automatically switched by the dispatcher. So a southbound train approaches and stops dead right in the middle of town. We then tell the Explorers to direct families to the viaduct and NOT try to cross at the connections. One dad tried that and we yelled at him. I told him trains often jump forward from a stop position. So the northbound train then came through and he had to slow down to a crawl because he actually had to get 1/2 way through the siding length due to the train in the siding being longer than the siding. So the northbound train clears the switch and then southbound train moves forward and clears the northbound’s route. The Explorer kids were all really excited to know more than just seeing the trains go by. They tanked me and then went and had pizza.

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