San Diegans to vote on raising minimum wage

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SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego City Council voted unanimously Monday to place the minimum wage increase issue to a public vote in June 2016.

The incremental hike to $11.50 an hour was passed by the council in July, but opponents collected enough petition signatures to force either a public vote or repeal of the ordinance.

The three-stage hike would have resulted in the lowest pay in the city being set at $11.50 an hour by January 2017. The ordinance also required employers to offer five annual days of paid sick leave.

Opponents contended that raising the minimum wage above the state standard would make San Diego's businesses less competitive with enterprises in neighboring cities.

The council also plans to take up Monday evening a proposal to make restrictions on water use by residents and businesses in San Diego mandatory.

The restrictions include watering lawns on three assigned days per week and for no more than seven minutes per station; using hoses with shut-off nozzles or timed-sprinkler systems to provide water to landscaped areas; washing vehicles only before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m.; watering potted plants, vegetable gardens and fruit trees before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.; and not watering lawns or plants on rainy days.

Councilman David Alvarez, who chairs the panel's Environment Committee, said they are "common-sense'' measures that won't change anyone's lifestyle.


  • Michael

    Why isn’t the City Council encourage these minimum wage earners to go back to school and get an education?

  • Ron

    So if you turds vote to raise the minimum wage here, already high prices will go ever higher as our salaries remain the same right? More fcking brilliant liberal policies destroying California!!! VOTE NO!!!! You want more pay? Get a fcking education and a real job!!!!!

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