SD City College ranks No. 2 on list of highest paid grads

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego City College graduates are among the highest paid two-year college graduates in the country.

According to a college salary report released by PayScale, City College alumni earn a median mid-career salary of $70,900.

Out of 349 public and private two-year colleges included in the report, San Diego City College ranks No. 2 on the list.  The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York ranks No. 1, with graduates earning a median mid-career salary of $71,000, said PayScale.

Mid-career salaries are defined as annual earnings after 10 years in the workforce.

“The report indicates that San Diego City College is offering high-demand education programs to the community, and employers are willing to pay premium salaries to our graduates of these high-demand programs,” said Dr. Anthony Beebe, President of San Diego City College.

In addition to doing well in the workplace, 68-percent of City College alumni say their job makes the world a better place.

According to the PayScale’s report, the most popular jobs for City College graduates include registered nurse, maintenance engineer, legal assistant, engineering technician, and graphic designer.

Some notable alumni include:

  • Jim Sinegal, who co-founded Costco Wholesale Corp. in 1983
  • Josh Higgins, a creative director for the communication design team at Facebook who served as design director for President Obama’s 2012 campaign
  • Brent Strom, a pitching coach for the Houston Astros
  • David Hasemyer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist

“City College was so inspiring, I couldn’t get enough,” said Higgins. “For the first time in my life, I loved school.”

Hasemyer expressed similar feelings.

“City was a tremendous place for an education with small classes and tremendous instructors like journalism professor John Markley,” Hasemyer said. “Even now, I call City my school.”

City College isn’t the only San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) school that fared well in the latest PayScale report.

San Diego Mesa College ranked No. 49 with a median mid-career salary of $60,700, according to the survey.

A separate study by Idaho-based Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. recently showed that the average student who graduates with an associate degree from the San Diego Community College District will see an increase in earnings of $11,700 each year compared to someone with a high school degree or equivalent.

Over a working lifetime, the increased earnings will amount to an added total income of approximately $421,200.