Carlsbad mom who killed husband to have new trial

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SAN DIEGO — The District Attorney’s Office has announced it will retry Julie Harper, who was acquitted of first-degree murder for the shooting death of her schoolteacher husband.

A motions hearing on charges on which the jury deadlocked was scheduled for March 23 at the Vista Courthouse, with trial set for April 15.

At her first trial, Harper testified that she shot her husband in self-defense because she was trying to stop him from sexually assaulting or otherwise harming her.

Harper, a stay-at-home mom, also testified that her husband had been verbally and physically abusive in their volatile marriage of more than a decade and had raped her at least 30 times.

“I didn’t even intend to shoot him. I only wanted to scare him or to make him stop — not rape me, not hurt me or possibly even worse,” she testified during cross-examination.

Harper — who had filed divorce papers five days before the shooting — surrendered to police at her father’s Scripps Ranch home the day after her husband was killed.


  • snowfreeze

    “Yea! Get her. ”
    How about a jury with some cajones for once. She said she didn’t want him to hurt her so she killed him. Sorry lady but you can only use equal force to defend yourself. You can’t shoot a guy for possibly scratchig you or pulling your hair…

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