Barber accused of deliberately slashing customer’s throat

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SAN DIEGO – A 22-year-old South Bay barber was arrested Monday after he allegedly cut a customer’s throat with a straight razor, deputies said.

San Diego Sheriff’s deputies said 33-year-old Timothy Paul Vaughn suffered severe bleeding from multiple cuts to the throat while at a barber shop at 1223 Palm Avenue in Imperial Beach.

Vaughn was taken to UCSD Medical Center where he is listed in critical condition. Authorities said he was expected to recover from his wounds.

Investigators said barber Daniel Flores, 22, left the barbershop before authorities arrived. He was later arrested on Green Bay Street on charges of attempted murder.

Investigators had not determined a motive for the attack on Vaughn.


  • Bryan

    Ok, why. What was the motive. This is a bizarre crime and more info would be nice as to what lead to this or did this barber just decide, oh, I think I will just slit this guys throat today.

    • Alexis Vaughn

      The barber just went crazy. My cousin Timmy didnt provoke the attack in any way. The police cannot find a motive yet. Good news is Timothy is expected to make a full recovery and return home on Thursday. All of his brothers in arm are praying for him. He has been in the Navy for 15+ years. I hope the suspect is punished to the full extent for this.

      • Terry

        You just answered your question.

        I note that every article I’ve read makes certain to leave out that your cousin is a vet.

        And considering it is very easy to identify a military man by his bearing and haircut, not to mention the proximity to the Naval Base and the number of military people in the area anyway, it is safe to assume that Daniel Flores knew that your cousin was in the military.

        Throw in the fact that the media reports are all hiding the fact that your cousin is a military man and the fact that this happened right in the midst of multiple enormous military bases, and you can guess why they’re hiding it. It’s similar to why they hide the identity/ideology/race of the victim of black-on-white crimes, latino-on-asian crimes, etc.

        Your cousin should have gone to the NEX near the Naval base, but then again, with the way the military is trying to bring “diversity” into its ranks, I don’t think your cousin would be any safer. Personally, he may have to forego the straight shave or have one of his shipmates do it for him.

        The perp might get a sentence, and he might not.

        One thing is for sure: If you don’t make a stink about it, don’t expect the police, courts, media, or the chain of command even (or perhaps, especially) in San Diego to find out why because (A) they most likely already know or (B) they suspect the motive and have no interest to “know”.

        • Melissa

          Great advice. If this scumbag turns out to be a jihadi wannabe, make sure the family raises holy hell about it. We need to end immigration to this country and clean house, regardless of whether this one “guy” was “born” here or not.

          • Cris

            You’re a pretty ignorant person Melissa… “end immigration to this country and clean house, regardless of whether this one “guy” was “born” here or not”? Might as well throw on a white robe and go to your clan meeting. This is america where everyone is welcomed. Btw im a regular at this barber shop and have in fact have my hair cut from all the barbers here including him. My friends have also cut there hair here, which are military, so lets stop with the “military” nonsense
            It’s more believable that the barber probably lost his temper rather than having a “problem with military”
            did he deserve it? no he didn’t
            did it happen? yes it did.
            regardless of the motive, it was uncalled for and completely unnecessary but does one really have to go as far as grouping people together making it seem like its a issue about race or ethnicity and asking for a “clean house”? What does a clean house look like btw? all Caucasians? thats not happening any time soon because minorities are the majority so good luck with that.

  • Kate Lajaunie

    I grew up in IB and then worked at the Village barber Shop from the ’70’s to the 90’s. Did a lot of facial shaves plus back then we also shaved around the ears. Most all clients were gems, but every once in awhile you’d get one that would make you just bite the bullet and smile. Every haircut is like handing out a business card so even the jerks got perfect haircuts. This barber must have run out of smiles.

  • judge turbo

    attend the tale of Sweeeee ney Todd..he shaved the faces of gentlemen, who never thereafter were heard of again..did sweeney, did sweeeney todd! the demon barber of Fleet street.

    • Cord

      Nothing’s gonna harm you… not while I’m around.

      Unless you’re getting a hair cut in San Diego. Then I can’t promise anything.

  • Mike Hernandez

    wtf that’s unprofessional . Business should be closed immidately , beware if you go to Vicks barbershop you might get cut, word on the street is that barber who got arrested didn’t even have a barber permit. That shop is lucky that the guy that got his throat slit is not my family. I would of took actions in my own hand maybe even a lawsuit I’m a current graduate from ucsd with a masters. Know your rights . Be careful don’t get cut !! (caution)

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