Hundreds march in San Ysidro to support striking teachers

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San Ysidro teachers strike

SAN YSIDRO, Calif. — Hundreds of parents, students joined striking teachers at the headquarters of the San Ysidro School District Friday to protest salary reductions imposed this week by school officials.

Parents and students gathered at the individual schools in the district at 9:30 a.m. and marched to the district offices at 4350 Otay Mesa Road. By 11 a.m., more than 200 people, many carrying strike signs and wearing red T-shirts, were marching in a circle around the building.

District teachers went out on strike Tuesday after union members rejected an offer to raise pay by 1.5 percent, while adding one day to the school year and an additional five minutes to each school day.

All district schools have remained open during the strike, using substitute teachers, but some parents have kept student home since Tuesday.


  • pete93

    Over half of the students do not even live in the USA, they pay no property taxes, so where is the $$ for a raise coming from..

  • Rich Hartley

    Incompetent teachers who can’t teach want more money to continue not teaching.
    Teachers unions fight teacher evaluations and merit pay based on RESULTS. Probably the only industry in the world where once you have tenure it’s nearly impossible to fire you regardless of your job performance or criminal acts you may commit. So every time a teacher has sex with a student, threatens to kill students, etc. etc. school districts pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to induce the teacher to resign. Well usually that’s the case. Sometimes school districts just shred the evidence and try to bury the matter, as did the Los Angeles School district when one of their own was busted for raping lots of little boys.
    And in cases like that, why do teachers unions protect child molesters and other criminals who work for the public school districts?
    I understand teachers being jealous of fast food microwave oven operators claiming they’re worth $15/hr, but seriously any teacher that goes on strike is in the wrong line of work and should be fired. Teachers are public servants, not the other way around.

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