SeaWorld returns rehabilitated pregnant shark to ocean

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SAN DIEGO – A SeaWorld team will return a pregnant shark to the ocean Wednesday morning after it was rehabilitated.

A smooth-hound shark was rescued by SeaWorld aquarium team on September 30 after it was spotted in very shallow water along the rocks near Marina Village in Mission Bay.

A smooth-hound shark receives an ultrasound. (Photo: SeaWorld)

A smooth-hound shark receives an ultrasound. (Photo: SeaWorld)

The shark, nicknamed “Marina,” had superficial injuries on her snout, abdomen and below her dorsal fin from entanglement in fishing gear.

During an exam at SeaWorld, veterinarians discovered she was pregnant with multiple pups.

Marina is now in good condition and is ready to be returned to the ocean, according to veterinarians.

Smooth-hound sharks are native to the coast of Southern California. It is not unusual for them to be in Mission Bay, but her proximity to the shore called attention to her injuries.


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