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Some parents say no to drug sniffing dog at school

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SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Unified School District came under fire Monday night from parents who object to the district policing their schools with the drug-sniffing dog.

Students and school officials will tell you, drugs are a problem in San Diego schools.

“I’ve seen people sniff coke in class,” one 12th grader told Fox 5 outside San Diego High School.

To deter drug activity in schools, district officials have hired an expert.

“Hey big boy, you ready? Let’s go have some fun,” said a K-9 handler before showing off San Diego Unified School District’s new drug-sniffing dog, Blitz.

“We’re not look at this as how we can punish students, we’re looking at this as a proactive way to get to students before the drug dealers do,” said SDUSD Police Chief, Reuben Littlejohn; “we can identify students who need help and then begin intervention sooner,” he added.Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.10.02 PM

Blitz will be available upon request from principals to visit schools and search for drugs, but a number of parents say they oppose using the dog in schools.

“I don’t think the proper procedures have been put in place,” said one of many parents who met with school officials Monday night at San Diego High School to discuss the use of drug sniffing dogs in schools.

Many of them believe the district is going overboard and violating student’s civil rights.

“We’re policing them. I think it’s a real intimidation tactic, and I don’t think it’s healthy for the kids,” another parent told Fox 5.

The district obtained Blitz through a $60,000 grant.

After the meeting, district officials said they had no plans to change the program.


  • tarion

    Well if the parents have an issue, then they should be watched as well. And it is a damn good idea to have the dog there. Your kids don’t like it cause “THEY” are doing drugs. Well they can always go back home and not worry about it.

    • wes

      I hope they give your child gets pat down every day when they start that next. People like you are taking up air.

  • Rich Hartley

    Drug dealers don’t like drug sniffing dogs. Parents of drug dealers don’t much like them either. More than just searching the schools when kids are not around I’d like to see the kids be screened by this dog on their way into class, and I’m including all kids – even Muslims, who of course will file a lawsuit claiming some sort of religious exemption.

  • Louisa Golden

    A dog who needs a prong training collar to work his job is not a trained dog. Certainly not trained well enough to be working in public place with children, even if the children are taken out of the room before the search. I don’t object to drug searches. I do object to a dog who can’t do his job without special training equipment working around the public.

  • Gladiator

    We have a so called War On Drugs which is a joke. This is how they do it in China. Drug dealers who are caught get their fast trial then get their swift punishment by being shot in back of the head. I am a firm believer of this style of punishment, execute the drug dealer then the problem goes away.

  • Carol

    Well let’s see…. I do not have children but yet I pay taxes for schools. So therefore I want Blitz rounding up the drugs and the kids that use them. If parents don’t like it… too bad because they probably allow their kids to do it at home.

  • Doug

    the only ones that worry over this are the ones guilty of using or possessing narcotics. and for the teachers – this is such a minor distraction – this is needed!

  • wes

    Why don’t we give every child a pat down before they enter the school yard instead. It is a slippery slop we are going down here. The reason I am against is one thing leads to another in California.

  • Eric

    Slippery slope??? It’s already vertical! I don’t think, however, that having a drug dog in schools (to prevent/identify drugs) is a bad thing. Besides, dogs have been doing this in schools for some time.

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