Driver in crash that killed 5 teens didn’t have license

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Irvine Crash 5 Dead

IRVINE, Calif. — The 16-year-old boy driving a BMW that crashed on Interstate 5 in Irvine over the weekend, killing five other teens, apparently didn’t have a driver’s license, authorities said.

The driver was the only survivor of the fiery crash that happened just after 2 a.m. on southbound I-5 near the interchange with Highway 133, the Los Angels Times reported.

“We ran his name and date of birth his parents gave us and there was no record of him having a license,” said CHP Officer Florentino Olivera.

The teenagers were heading home to Mission Viejo after a trip to Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park. The 1995 BMW went off the road, up an embankment and ended up perched on a concrete retaining wall, where it burst into flames. The driver, identified as Bradley Morales, was found outside the vehicle. He was the only one in the car to survive. He underwent brain surgery for a fractured skull and was listed in serious but stable condition.

Motorists younger than 17 1/2 are normally prohibited from driving after 11 p.m. and can’t have passengers under 20 years old.


  • Michael

    Sadly this one is on the parents, they obviously let their son do as he pleases. They should know the laws and know that new drivers aren’t the smartest or most skilled. RIP to the departed.

    • Michelle

      As a parent it is not always the parents fault we try to not Unable our children this young man now has to live with the fact that he has taken the life of his five friends by making the wrong choice. It is not for us to judge him. I’m sure if he comes out of this okay he will be living with this forever and it will change him forever too. Just my opinion. RIP to the children who didn’t survive and my prayers go out to their grieving families.

      • Wendy N Barnes

        We judge people every minute of the day based on isolated behaviours or speech. We are perfectly capable of doing the same when we read of someone doing good or bad in public. The law will determine his earthly punishment. God will look at his life one day overall and judge him. Between now and then many people will judge him based on less info than this. There is nothing wrong with it.

    • sheila tagle

      for all you know is maybe the other kids were drunk and if not anyway that kid has a fractured skull he had to undergo surgery do you really think that kid is going to be the same once he recovers if he has any memory or function long term memory they he will feel so much guilt he will not know how to get through it. but the fact they say he had a fracture skull and had to have brain surgery I do not think all this judgement is going to make the situation any better and it is all just speculation

    • Heather

      Very enlightening…..I’m sure all the parents really appreciate your positive remarks. Love and light to everyone involved!!

    • Nicole

      Shut the fuck up. They were my friends. Back off. They were by far some of the best people I know. Obviously, since you think that their parents are stupid so they are too, show that your’e ignorant and an idiot.

  • Hanna

    At least no innocent victims (other cars on the road) were injured or killed in this accident. Thankful for that.

  • Heather

    Such a sad story. While it’s a relief to know that there were no innocent bystanders involved, it’s still a very sad story. My heart goes out to the partners of the teens that lost their lives. This young man will have a lot of guilt to live with – a very selfish and reckless act resulting in the loss of his friends’ lives.

  • C. Camp

    Parents should be mindful of who their children get in a vehicle with. I believe it is CA law that minors not have other people in the car the first year that they have their licenses for this reason. As the parent of 3 boys (ages 25, 23, and 17) I MADE SURE they were NEVER a passenger in a car unless we knew the driver and they were past that first year AND that we approved of their driving as well as the conduct of the other passengers in the vehicle when our child was in it. We also made sure our kids observed that first year law as well as no cell phones. Luckily we still have all of our children and they are ticket and accident free. We weren’t always the popular parents because of our strict belief but going to their funeral was not part of our life plan. I am so sad for the parents who have had to go down that road. It’s not always their fault or the fault of their child. Stupidity does sometimes play a role though in certain cases.

  • snowfreeze

    Disturbed by most of your comments. I’m not normally a troll, but:

    Michael and Rubes: Do you know the parents personally? How do you know he didn’t just disobey them, as teenagers are prone to do? Hannah and Heather, you ladies are stupid to think nobody innocent was killed. What about the 5 teenagers? It’s apparently fine with you two that they are dead? They are “guilty” somehow just because they were in the crashed car and are all now dead?!? That’s quite sick logic there, if you ask me. Last, but not least, C. Camp, maybe, if you go and tell the parents of the deceased how awesome of a parent you were, as you’re now telling the world, somehow that will be relevant to this story and the parents of the deceased will all feel so much better and the parents of the idiot kid reaponsible will somehow see the error of their ways. Why don’t you all just SHUT UP. Thank you.

      • snowfreeze

        Hey troll. How do you know someone ‘gave’ him the car. I already got a thank you from someone involved so I must have said something right. Why don’t you just go back under your bridge now, loser.

  • Krissy

    I happen to know 2 of the young ladies families personally who were killed in this crash. Out of respect for the grieving families. I stress GRIEVING let the CHP and Police do their job in solving this. It is must be very easy to judge from your lap top on what happened and what the parents didn’t do. RIP 5 angels!

    • Wendy N Barnes

      This forum is for commenting on the article and the free exchange of ideas and opinions. Nothing on here is going to prevent CHP or other investigating agency from doing their job. If you are upset by what you are reading, stop reading it! You do have a choice in what you do.

  • CGM

    All of u have NO idea of how the parents feel & how hard it will be to wake up every single day not seeing their children or seeing them in the hospital connected to machines … Nobody knows every detail of this horrible accident. So it will be very nice to just SHUT UP & pray for your children. We have no idea what will happen tomorrow. RIP to the 5 teens … & may god give lots of strength to the parents !! 🙏🙏

  • crumbsandwich

    I feel for all these parent’s such a tragedy. I don’t understand why people feel the need to make such negative comment’s about someone they know nothing about and make such sweeping judgement’s as to another person’s parenting when they don’t even know the families in question. I really don’t know how any parent can “MAKE SURE” their child is doing exactly what they are told or taught to do. Unless of course you never let your child do anything by themselves or rode shotgun every single time they used the car… Just saying people really need to practice some empathy and kindness…

    • frederick

      Sad it is, but this is what exactly happens when parents don’t care what their kids do. I feel curfews aren’t strict enough for alot of these cases and i also feel that they should hold the person responsible that gave him the car or at least have mandatory speed governors on all teens cars until there twenty years old.

  • La China

    God give all the families the strength they need. And all of you people judging the parents should stay quiet because you have no idea what your “obedient” children do, parents do the best to take their kids on the right path but when your that young you don’t realize the consequences of the actions. My parents were the bestest parents, very strict but that didn’t stop me from snicking out the window every night. My parents had no idea I did this and know 15 years later I think back and thank god nothing ever happened to me otherwise the first to blame was going to be my parents when they had no idea what I was doing.

  • Gladiator

    One thing is for sure, commenting without facts is ignorance. I think all would agree though that this will haunt Bradley for the rest of his life.

  • CookieSue

    Another sad and tragic end to 5 young lives that could have been avoided. Hindsight is always 20-20, but the pain in the wake of this event will NEVER go away. The knee-jerk reaction is to place blame and speculate, but without all the pertinent details and facts leading up to this, it’s a futile effort. Prayers for the families and the victims.

  • Jay

    I’m surprised no one else has commented that 5 people PLUS a driver in a BMW sedan means that there were too many people in the car in the first place. Clearly one person, if not more, was not wearing a seatbelt I’m sure…

  • KP

    Jay, that was the first thing I noticed. I’ve never seen BMW with a third seat up front. So not only whose car was it, but which parents let their teens in a car with too many passengers? Who knows, maybe someone else was driving when they left. But that fact still remains that regardless of WHO was driving, there were too many passengers!

  • a.ham

    I see a lot of people blaming parents and making assumptions. So according to some of you, the parent or parents of this child said, oh you don’t have a license… Here’s the keys. Have a great time. Really?!?!
    Newsflash… Kids are more than capable of sneaking keys to a car, or getting a hold of alcohol, or pills in a medicine cabinet while parents sleep, or are at work. Any kid can learn to pick a lock on Youtube, even if everything is locked up. The internet is a wonderful thing. Parents cannot watch their kids 24-7. Its impossible.
    And unless the parent or parents of this, child that caused so much heartache, knowingly gave him the keys…it is not the parents fault.
    This child made a bad choice and will have to live with the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life.

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