Carlsbad mom accused of killing husband says she was abused

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VISTA, Calif. - A Carlsbad mother of three testified Monday in the murder trial of her schoolteacher-husband’s shooting death.

Julie Elizabeth Harper, 41, is charged with murdering her husband in their Carlsbad home and waiting a day and a half before turning herself in.

Her defense attorney said she shot 39-year-old Jason Harper on August 7, 2012 in self-defense after suffering an abuse relationship.

Prosecutors said Julie Harper of Carlsbad is a cold blooded killer but Monday in court she took the stand in her defense, describing an emotionally and physically abusive husband who she claims to have shot and killed in self-defense.

Harper recalled the emotional abuse began after she gained 50 pounds during her first pregnancy.

“And I said but I’m pregnant it’s normal to gain weight when you’re pregnant and he said yeah but it’s just not that you have a belly. You’re fat all over, even your arms have cellulite,” said the 41-year-old woman in an attempt to build her defense.

The Carlsbad mother is accused of shooting and killing her husband Jason, a math teacher at Carlsbad High School, inside their home back in 2012.

To help her case, she showed a recording of her husband enraged over the family’s finances.

“I want you to pay $3,000,” said the deceased in the video.

The defendant claimed the abuse wasn’t just emotional and psychological as she also talked about how she was forced to have sex by her husband.

“Slamming me up against the wall, face first and forcibly -- I said stop, stop, stop and he didn’t stop,” she recalled.

Harper will continue her testimony Tuesday.

If convicted of first-degree murder, she could be sentenced 50 years to life in prison.


  • tarion

    What lame BS… It seems anyone can do what ever they want and say they were abused. Send her away to a nice prison and she won’t have to worry about what anyone says again. Better yet, giver her 3 shots and be done with it.

  • Carrie

    I was once married to a terrible ex-husband who used to call me fat after having had a baby. He used to push me out of our house–that MY inheritance bought for us–and lock the door so I could not get back in. One time he was mad that I did not have dinner ready on time for him to eat and he pushed me into a spice rack where I cut my lip. I did not shoot him dead–I divorced him! I would advise other abused wives to do the same thing. Get out before you flip out!

  • Wes

    She had a choice to leave or stay and she chosen to stay. To have the curage of taking someone’s life is wrong even if he beat you everyday because the women can get help and leave. Police would have fixed this issue if she called them. I had a friend get the police called on him from his girlfriend. Boy was he sorry for pushing her, and now he can not get a good job.

  • Peter S

    OK, now it’s in California too : Women CAN legally kill men now …. They just have to claim they fear the man COULD beat somewhen maybe possibly her and / or say mean things / raise his voice. No physical abuse whatsoever necessary

    Claiming fear of possible physical attack and saying mean thigs to a woman in a VERBAL discourse is enough justification to kill men now. Legally OK now.

    Fuck you, women, you are the disease of this planet, you destroy everything ! And still most men are totally in complete denial of what women do and how thy prey and parsite on society, how they install injustice everywhere they have a say. It makes me so sad. This shit is all going down, because ppl choose to turn a blind eye on everything but still prefere to believe in their cosy phantasies ….

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