San Diegans join call for climate change action

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SAN DIEGO - Hundreds of marchers walked the streets of downtown San Diego Sunday to participate in the international People’s Climate March

The event was one of 2,700 demonstrations taking place in more than 150 countries to demand action from world and local leaders.

400,000 marchers converge on Manhattan

“We are calling on them to pass a strong climate action plan in the city of San Diego to invest in mass transit and in our bike lanes and to invest in the future of ourselves and our children,” said organizer Emily Wier.

San Diego City Council president Todd Gloria addressed the local crowd prior to the march.  Gloria spoke about a “climate action plan” designed for the city.  He described it as a roadmap to change that the council will discuss this week.

“Today is all about thinking globally, but acting locally,” he said. “We cannot wait for decision makers in Washington to come around we must take action today.”

Around 120 world leaders will meet next week to tackle the planets environmental problems.

Marchers in San Diego said until there is government action they will do everything they can to make change.

“The amount of people here today is a really good sign, because San Diego is showing up in size numbers,” said participant Leslie Rapp.


  • Burt

    Let us see, 1980’s ozone destruction, LIE. Global Cooling, LIE. Global Warming, LIE. Now we have Climate Change, how many of you climate changers still drive cars and take jets? Why don’t you put Gore in the middle of the desert for 6 months with his parka and gloves? Because it is still a desert! Why not put Gore in the Anartic with his swimming trucks and sun tan lotion, because it is still Frozen Tundra! Come on, if you want us to take you seriously, donate your cars today!

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