Cleanup underway in Serra Mesa after massive storm

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The 20-minute freak storm that hit Serra Mesa and parts of East County including Rancho San Diego, El Cajon, and Spring Valley Tuesday afternoon left massive destruction in its wake.

The Stonecrest Village Community Park was hit the hardest in the Serra Mesa neighborhood. Crews spent Wednesday and all day Thursday cleaning up large chunks of debris and broken branches.

“I was amazed really, I had gotten reports of it on Tuesday night and it was worse than what I thought it was going to be … I got here and was like … it was unbelievable,” said Jeff Jancyzlik, with “Benchmark Landscape,” the company hired by the Stonecrest association to clean-up the destruction in the park.

People living in the area described the mess as though a tornado had come through.

The gusty winds and pouring rain threw one tree into the community pool and split another large tree down the middle.

The assessment of the damage has not yet been calculated but crews anticipate it will take several more days to clean-up.

“We still have some irrigation work and stuff with broken pipes to deal with,” said Jancyzlik.

City workers along Aero Drive cleared majority of the trees and debris blocking traffic.