Student collapses at school from heat

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SAN MARCOS, Calif. – A San Marcos High School student went to the hospital after he collapsed at school.

Tristan Frolander was in second period Advanced Weight Training when he said despite temperatures of near 100 degrees, the coach still made the students do their workout.

“We went outside in the heat, ran wind sprints, back pedals and had to carry someone,” said the junior.

He ended up collapsing during the class.

“I eventually got into an air conditioned room and felt like I wanted to pass out,” said Frolander.

Corey Frolander, Tristan’s father, said he received the call about his son while in Los Angeles Tuesday morning.

“I’m shaking. I’m upset,” Corey Frolander said. “I build schools, I work at schools and the number one thing is the safety of our children.”

After Corey got home he decided to take his son to the hospital.

“He was just lethargic and I got home and he was still that way,” said Corey Frolander.

According to Corey, safety was not on this coach’s mind. He said at least five other students also became ill. He’s contacted the school principal and district administers and has yet to hear back.

“My son passed out, another student vomited and several students went to the nurse’s office.”

San Marcos High School principal Julie Mottershaw did not return Fox5’s calls for comment Tuesday.


  • SMkid

    Same thing happened when I was a Sophomore at SMHS a few years back. The temperature on the digital sign in the front of the school said 99 degrees and all four P.E. teachers made their classes run the timed mile, while their asses sat in the shade talking. The most awesome part was you had to keep walking around the track when you were done. At least three kids threw up and passes to the nurses office were not an option. Glad to see things haven’t changed.

  • rosa espitia

    I am a student at sweetwater high school and we have been on early released since Monday but now they are saying that we aren’t getting out early anymore and they are still forcing us to participate and workout in our physical education. I know that if my mom were to find out that they are forcing us to do this and that we aren’t coming out early anymore she would get furious and some of our classes don’t have air conditioning and we don’t have any good water to drink and plus the nurse really doesn’t care about anyone unless your like dying and there’s been some students have gotten dehydrated but yet the school doesn’t do anything but they get upset when parents complain.

  • Ricky Trujillo

    If you can’t stand the heat stay the hell out of kitchen. Tristan and I have had coach Barrios before for advanced weight training. Everyone knows that coach runs a tight ship. It doesn’t matter if it’s -2 degrees or 100 degrees. Theres no off days off with coach. Tristan simply couldn’t handle the training. Its Tristan fault for joining the clas, he knew what he was getting himself in. This incident is no one fault but his own.

  • denise

    No one’s fault but his own huh Ricky? You’re as messed up as your coach is. Why do you think they put out heat advisory warnings ? Why do you think they sent kids home early? You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about..

  • Ricky Trujillo

    Well Denise for one I was not talking “carp”, and if you dont like what I have to say, thats totally fine! All I was doing was stating facts. The matter of the fact is, you can’t blame this on our coach, Tristan was not held against his will to do the work out. He could have chosen to OPT out. So once again it is no ones fault but his own. Thank you very much “denise”!! God bless YOU!

  • Ricky Trujillo

    Ohh YEA!! One more thing Mr. Denise, San Marcos high school was “not” on a minimum day schedule or heat advisery, so sorry to say, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Also im very sorry, but i am nowhere near invincible …Thats a FACT!!

  • Taraephelwen

    Actually Ricky, San Marcos did indeed have a heat advisory that day. The temperature was 99 degrees, with the humidity an average of 61%, making the heat index between 123 to 129. This put San Marcos on the borderline of danger/extreme danger for severe heat disorders with continued exposure or physical activity on that day. This is indeed a FACT! Thank you very much “Ricky”, have a nice night!

    • Ricky Trujillo

      It might have been a hundred degrees at 2:00pm but surly not at 9:00 in the morning. The heat advisery wasn’t put into to place until 4th period!Taraewhelwen

  • David J. Bozek

    I know one of the young men who was in that class and he had the same problem. He told me all about it.

    A good coach is able to push people beyond their normal limits and motivate them to be able to find the strength within themselves to run faster, lift more weight, tackle harder, etc. But a good coach also has to be aware of the difference between someone just whining that they can’t work any harder, and someone who is really in distress. There IS a difference. And this coach is an incompetent and dangerous idiot for not knowing the difference.

    To make things even more obvious, when you have not one but a GROUP of athletes who are having trouble (and these are ones that normally do NOT complain) then its a huge warning sign that you DO have a problem. That’s what happened here and this coach is an idiot if he could not tell that this was a dangerous situation.

    I could almost understand if maybe only 1 or 2 kids had a problem. That might be tough for a coach to recognize as a situation that was hazardous to everyone, … but when a whole group of kids just about black out?!?!

    Will anything happen to this coach? I doubt it. The key question now becomes … “Is he one of the privileged members of the CA Teacher’s Union?” If so then it would probably take an act of God and a ruling by the Supreme Court before any real disciplinary action is taken.

  • JG

    Wait……..Isn’t 2nd Period at SMHS like 9:15 AM ? Or am I reading this wrong ? If so it was 82 deg in Escondido that morning. How the hell was it 100 in SM ? Also isnt there like 45 students in WT Class x 6 classes a day, plus PE. I bet more than 800 kids completed their physical education that day. How many had problems ? Probably less than 2% ? So the other 98% should have had class dismissed or been made to sit on the bleachers cause 2% didn’t feel good ? Did the coach not allow the student to go to the nurses office ? Was he forced to workout or be suspended or go to detention ? I am missing why it would be the coaches fault that a student may have not hydrated properly or got ill……..What am I missing ?

  • Weighlifter

    As a student of the 2nd period weight training class, I can say that it was definitely not 100 degrees, that would be too much for anyone to handle. If Tristan came unprepared to workout maybe he should have sat out with the other students.I can guarantee that 80% of the class did not completely finish the workout and no, our coach did not punish them for it.

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