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Supporters of minimum wage hike try novel tactic

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Minimum Wage Supporters

SAN DIEGO — Supporters of a minimum wage increase in San Diego said Friday they plan to set up stations around the city this weekend, where residents who signed a referendum petition to put the issue on the ballot can file paperwork to get their signature removed.

The move is the latest in the effort to prevent the referendum from qualifying, following a campaign to try to convince San Diegans to not sign the petitions in the first place.

The referendum effort is challenging an ordinance passed by the City Council in July to hike the minimum wage incrementally to $11.50 an hour, and provide five paid sick days to all people employed in San Diego.

Supporters say it will provide extra dollars to around 170,000 San Diegans and give earned sick leave to even more residents. Opponents say the hike goes beyond increases mandated by the state, and will put a strain on small businesses.

The two sides have engaged in a war of words since signature collections began last month. Signature-gatherers have complained about being harassed. Minimum wage hike supporters contend that the signature-gatherers, who are paid, are spreading lies about the issue.

“San Diegans — I understand you’re tired of this,” said City Council President Todd Gloria, the chief supporter of the pay increase. “I know you’re tired of the he-said, she-said back-and-forth of this campaign.”

The deadline to turn in nearly 34,000 valid signatures is Wednesday.

“It is a sad commentary that Todd Gloria and his union puppet-masters don’t want the voters to have a say in their outrageous 44 percent wage increase,” said Jason Roe, a spokesman for the referendum campaign. “Apparently they don’t think we deserve to voice our opinions on their job- killing policies that help union bosses but hurt working people.”

People who previously signed the petition but feel they have been misled can file paperwork with the City Clerk’s Office by Tuesday at 5 p.m., Gloria said.

Minimum wage hike supporters will staff the following locations on Saturday, where residents can drop-off the forms from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • Ralphs and Trader Joe’s, 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive;
  • Target, 3245 Sports Arena Blvd.;
  • Ralphs and Trader Joe’s, 1030 University Ave.;
  • Food 4 Less, 312 Euclid Ave.;
  • Ralphs, 11875 Carmel Mountain Road;
  • Home Depot, 4255 Genesee Ave.;
  • Target, 1288 Camino Del Rio N.; and
  • Vons, 6155 El Cajon Blvd.

On Sunday, two collection stations will be set up at Qualcomm Stadium for the Chargers’ home opener — at the trolley stations and outside the Gate C Will Call office.

The Target location on Sports Arena Boulevard and Home Depot on Genesee Avenue will also be staffed Sunday.


  • Cathy

    Why are there no times/locations listed for petition sign-ups? Only places where you can retract your signature? That doesn’t seem very balanced.
    I want to sign the petition, but I can’t figure out where to go.

  • Brian

    Can someone please look into the fact that the Charger Cheerleaders are not even making minimum wage and no they do not fall under contract labor, they are told when and where to report for practice and games. Not only are they being abused by the Chargers and the City of San Diego but also all of the other teams that play here and bring their Cheerleaders along. Time for Gloria and the City Council to demand that the Chargers and the NFL teams that play here pay all Cheerleaders $15.00 per hour.

  • Brian

    If Gloria and the City Council wish to ignore the plight of the Charger Cheerleaders, true there aren’t as many Cheerleaders as burger flippers, but the deserve a decent salary to live here in San Diego also, then we the people should march on City Hall and boycott all Charger games.

  • pete

    same here got an email from Todd Gloria office asking me not to sign or if i did sign this form to take my name off never heard of any petition you could do that.. Just shows you how much of a snake Gloria really is..I knew he was in the election when he repeatedly said i wont endorse anyone then the last week he smiles and of course he did . Did anyone really believe he would not support him Looked real stupid after the election..

  • Heidi

    Thank you Brian! It is true we don’t get minimum wages, the following might be helpful:

    Is being a Charger Girls member considered a full time job?

    No. Being a Charger Girls member is a part time job. You should at least hold a part time job or attend college full time.

    Will I get paid if I become a Charger Girls member?

    Yes. Cheerleaders are paid $75.00 for each home game. In addition, each cheerleader will receive two tickets to each home game and one parking pass. Cheerleaders will receive compensation for select paid appearances.

    Will I have to purchase my own uniform or supplies?

    No. The Charger Girls uniform is provided for the duration of the season. However, each Charger Girls member is responsible for the uniform and supplies at all times, including all footwear, Charger Girls activewear, warm-up suits, poms and any additional costumes given during the season. Uniform must be kept clean at all times. The cheerleader must pay for any items lost or damaged. All uniforms and property (excluding activewear) must be turned in before the last day of the contractual agreement or at the auditions.

  • Jon

    Where can I sign the position where San Diego can vote on the matter. Raising minimum wage only means faster inflation as business will raise their prices meaning all the people who have spent their entire lives working will now be worse off and be able to buy less with their money.

  • right to sign petition

    I will be at trader joes sat .11am to 4pm. Please come sign the petition. We have a right to sign and vote. Maybe bill walton will try and block us and give back his 125’000.00 endorsement fee to the san Diego boys and girls club. Say no to bill walton and no to todd gloria. Thx. ..d

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