Missing Pennsylvania boy may be headed to San Diego on a boat says FBI

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FBI and other agencies looking for Jimmy Hansen and his father Jeff

SAN DIEGO — The F.B.I. says there’s a possibility a missing boy could be on a sailboat heading to San Diego.

Nine-year-old Billy Hansen had spent the summer with his father Jeff Hansen in Seattle and was due back home in Pennsylvania two weeks ago. But instead of boarding a flight home, agents believe the boy sailed away on a boat owned by his father.

And they think San Diego could be a port of call.

“Mr. Hansen is an avid sailor who has sailed great distances, they could be on his boat sailing anywhere along the California coast headed to Mexico, it’s possible they could be stopping in San Diego to get supplies and get replenished” said Darrell Foxworth, F.B.I. Special Agent.

Another concern, according to the F.B.I., is that Jeff Hansen has violent tendencies that might manifest in physical abuse of the boy.


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  • dgripon

    Ahhhh Yes! Of course. Demonize this man with vague accusations to enlist the support of the public. The FBI wants the public to fear for this child’s safety to enlist their help, but even they are restricted to provable facts. They know that when we read a statement such as, “Violent tendencies that might manifest in physical abuse of the boy”, we very often translate that to. ” A long history of abuse and violence towards all of his children and his former wife, places the boy in certain danger”.
    Had any of the latter been true, that is what they would say. That would be similar to seeking the publics help to find a vicious and random killer who is able to enter homes at night, undetected, leaving no clues as he slaughters every man, woman and child in the home and with no mercy by telling us that they are searching for a narcissist person with little regard for the feelings and wishes of people that he may come in contact with.
    “Violent tendencies” could be something as simple as screaming at the neighbors on several occasions for playing their music too loud. “Might manifest in physical abuse of the boy” could be defended with a study that has been done by a quack psychologist and verified by his intern, that when looking into the life of an abusive father, they had discovered that a few of them had yelled at their neighbor years prior to the abuse. So, actually, if you think about it, it COULD, but is it a definite warning sign of impending danger to their child. Hell No!
    They border on recklessness and defamation when making statements like this and they know it.
    Let me make one thing clear though. I am not trying to advocate abuse or defend any possible threats to others and think a child abuser should have cattle prods that send random, powerful ZAPS every few minutes, affixed to their nipples for a decade. I am just very much against misleading people about someone’s character to gather support.

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