Why Obama’s broken promise could back fire

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SAN DIEGO -- “Another broken promise by a President that has been promising since he was running for President,” said Immigration Activist Pedro Rios and other community leaders who now regrouping after what they describe as a slap in the face from President Barack Obama.

“The immigrant community is being used for political expediency,” he added.

After promising to take executive action to fix the nation’s immigration system before the end of the summer, the President is now choosing to wait until after November’s mid-term election to take action, a White House official said.

“Families will continue to be broken and what indignity that we have to keep moving in this direction without any political will for any real immigration reform,” said Rios.

The President made the change to avoid quote: “Those who would use it to score points as a kind of grandstanding issue,” a White House official said.

“One of the risks Democrats are making at the national level by punting on immigration reform is that Democratic Hispanic voters start to feel taken for granted,” said Political Analyst, Carl Luna.

Obama’s change of heart could be damaging for some like incumbent Democratic Congressmen, Scott Peter, giving his challenger, Republican Carl DeMaio a boost and chance to appeal to Hispanic voters, Luna added.

“They won’t go Republican, but the may choose not to show up in the election,” Luna stressed.

“I think every thing is on the table now, I think those people who are able to vote especially if they have family members who are undocumented [...] people will think twice about who they vote for especially if this has been the pattern,” said Rios.

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