South Bay student accused of threatening school shooting

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A freshman student allegedly posted a statement on social media threatening to carry out a shooting at a high school in the South Bay area, police confirmed Sunday.

Chula Vista police were investigating a message posted to Twitter stating there was going to be a shooting at Eastlake High School on Monday.  The online posting included a picture of the student in car with a rifle, officials said.

Investigators were working with school officials from the Sweetwater Union High School District and were planning to be on campus Monday.

Police did not release the identity of the student.

The family of the student was contacted by police and the student was told not to come to school Monday, according to a CVPD officer.

Eastlake High School principal Maria Esther Lizarraga emailed parents Sunday evening stating the school will be open Monday and they will be taking extra steps to ensure the safety of the students and faculty.

“Today we were made aware of a possible threat involving an Eastlake High School student. We are closely working with the Chula Vista Police Department to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff. Currently, the CVPD is investigating
the matter and has contacted the family and has taken action to ensure the safety of all students at Eastlake High School. At Eastlake High School, we take safety and security of our students very seriously and we assure you that we will do all we can to maintain a safe and secure campus. Please be aware that there will be school tomorrow and that safety is number one. As an added measure of security, additional security will be on campus tomorrow as well as our school resource officer from the Chula Vista Police Department.”


  • Luz

    The student was asked not to come to school on “Monday”? That’s it? I want him in prison, as far away from my child & the other students as possible. As a parent, I request that he does not step on the school grounds ever again!!

    • Josh

      I hope your child ends up mentally ill i really do. As a fucking parent you should be more. “That kid needs help.” Honestly fuck you. You dont deserve to call yourself a parent. all kids deserve a chance. If this child needs help cause hes mentally unstable. Then thats the attention he needs…if you have such concern for your childs life. Maybe just maybe act like a parent show some dam compassion.

    • DavidM

      OK, so as the story develops and we learn that the kid had been bullied by others and that the threat was a hoax. Should the bullies (maybe even your kid) be barred from school grounds forever? Do you take a 14 year old who was “acting out” in response to stress he’s not mature enough to understand and has a feeling of hopelessness and just write him off forever? The school does little or nothing against the bullies but parents go into a tizzy at the thought that a kid might respond to bullying in some way other than laughing it off.
      Sometimes the people of this County just disgust me with their selfishness and ignorance.

  • J

    Leave it to a scum bag politician like McCann to use this as a way to promote his political career. How about you find out who this lunatic is and keep him out of Easlake HS. Yeah you look great in your red “Vote McCann” tshirt. Dirt bag!!

  • Michelle

    Sounds to me like “j” is the political scum bag! Nothing political was said in this article. I would hope that any parent would bring this information to police.
    “J” you need to save your political views for another forum. Looked to me like McCann was acting like a leader and “j” is the one using this insistent for his own agenda.

    • J

      Riiiiiiigggghhhhtttt. I’m the one going on TV with a vote for McCann tshirt while taking advantage of a serious situation in the district I’m trying to get elected in. Leave it to a dweeb politician to exploit something like this.

  • Kath Cheers

    J – the 4EVER OPPORTUNIST!!!!! John McCann ought to be ashamed of himself. We know he is running for City Council, and NO we won’t be voting for him due to antics like this. We need someone who will SERVE the community vs. USE the community. Perhaps voters should stop him and asked him why he voted for E2ManageTech to receive 1/3 of the profits from SUHSD property deals – this blunder ended up costing the taxpayers over 1 million dollars. Perhaps the voters should ask Mr. McCann why Eastlake is so over crowded and why there are students in our District that still do not have a textbook. Perhaps voters should ask Mr. McCann why he held back the second legal opinion stating Gandara could be fired for cause – McCann did not share the opinion with the other Board members then turned around and gave Gandara a huge financial package when he left. McCann for City Council? Not after HOW LITTLE HE HAS DONE FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE SWEETWATER DISTRICT, or how many of our tax dollars that have been squandered under his watch. JUST MY OPINION!

  • Josh

    All of you claiming to be parents your not. This is someone elses child too who is mentally unstable. And fortunate enough they caught him before he acted out!. These comments disgust me. I feel sorry for your kids cause the adults here lack compassion in any sense of the word.
    They dont need to release his name he did not commit a crime…but cause you think all crazys are the same. They just want to kill for fun….KIL them all! Fuck it. Cause if society agrees killings fine. Fucking disgust me. Dont deserve to have kids.

  • DavidM

    Wait, so the school says they are trying not make a big deal of it but the hypersensitive media decides to make a big deal of it anyway? School was in session, no lockdown; just a police car out front. Sounds to me like everyone was acting reasonably given the nature of the supposed threat, except perhaps for the idiot who decided that “the news” needed to know about it, and the editor at Fox5 who decided this was headline grabbing material.

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