Junior Seau’s family rejects NFL brain injury settlement

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SAN DIEGO – Relatives of the late Chargers star Junior Seau decided to opt out of a proposed settlement between the NFL and about 4,500 former players over brain injuries sustained by concussions, according to the family attorney.

A settlement of $765 million was reached following mediation in Philadelphia last year requires the NFL and NFL Properties to provide medical benefits and injury compensation for retired NFL football players, fun medical and safety research and cover litigation expenses.

Under the terms of the proposed settlement, relatives of former players with chronic traumatic encephalopathy would qualify for up to $4 million.

The Seau family’s decision means they will proceed with a wrongful death lawsuit they filed in January 2013. Their lawsuit alleges the NFL concealed the dangers of football-related head trauma.

Seau, who grew up in Oceanside, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in May 2012. His son said he suffered from wild mood swings, irrationality, forgetfulness, insomnia and depression that got progressively worse over time.

An examination of Seau’s brain by federal health officials determined that he suffered from a debilitating brain condition common to people who have suffered repetitive head injuries.

The listed plaintiffs on the Seau lawsuit are Gina Seau, Seau’s ex-wife; their children Tyler, Sydney, Jake and Hunter, and Bette Hoffman, trustee of his estate.


  • mary c

    What do people expect??? You play football for a ton of money and get rammed all the time by huge guys. DUH! Of course there are risks. There are risks to any job! I am nurse; should I sue the whole medical community for having a bad back and poor leg circulation. No..it all goes with the territory.

  • M Mueller

    Mary C you are absolutely right. Here they get this insane salarie and now with the greedy layers they rip off the people who watch the games. What do you think who at the end is paying for all this?

  • Josh Board

    You bring up a good point, Mary C, but I’ll even take it a step further. Junior is one of the few players that had almost 20 years in the league, without a single concussion!!! What is going to happen when, in court, the NFL brings this up, or the fact that many retired athletes go through depression because they’re no longer playing the sport they love; or because they don’t have that spotlight on the field, with fans applauding them. Oh, and they’ll be sure to bring up the variety of restaurants Seau invested in, that lost money and were going down, or the relatives that were expecting money, the family member that is in jail…the drinking, and any other negative thing that could make a person lean towards suicide. Remember, in court, you have to prove things. Even doctors, when it came to the Tony Gwynn cancer, said that it probably wasn’t chewing tobacco. Just because he said that’s what caused it….well, doctors in court would be more reliable than the athlete. Seau’s family won’t win this case.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like anything else. Blame everyone else for everything and then sue everyone for everything, instead of taking responsibility. Football has always been a semi dangerous game. Especially when you have players who are purposely going out and injuring other players. That’s who needs to be sued. Not enough time or space to really vent on this BS issue

  • Jan

    This whole law suit is ridiculous. These men know the risks they are taking when they sign on for $$$millions, fame and glory. The NFL did not cause thier concussions, greed did. Lets focus on depressed and suicidal veterans.

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