‘Superhero’ patrol steps up efforts to protect local women

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SAN DIEGO – A woman in the Little Italy neighborhood said she awoke to a strange man standing in her bedroom early Saturday morning.

“All of a sudden, I hear footsteps coming into the house and the sound of a man,” said Sarah Johnson.

Johnson said her roommates were gone for only 5 minutes, but they forgot to lock the front door.

“I look up and he’s standing at the edge of my bed and he looked at me,” said Johnson.

After a few seconds, Sarah said the man casually left out the front door.

“I was so startled I was in shock I’ve never dealt with this,” said Johnson.

She immediately called 9-11 and her roommates. San Diego Police are investigating the case.

“He matched the description of what’s been going on with the ladies in North Park,” said Johnson.

“We are a group of real life superheroes,” said Mr. Extreme.

Extreme is with the citizen’s patrol group Xtreme Justice League. Due to the recent rash of sex assaults around San Diego, the group said it’s going to step up its patrol.

“We’re going to be out there and we’re going to be looking for you,” said Extreme, directing his statement toward the suspect or suspects terrorizing women in North Park. Mr. Extreme said he and about 20 other members of the league are handing out fliers and increasing their patrols in the area. They are even offering escorts to women.

“It’s part of an effort to try and bring this evil doer to justice,” said Mr. Extreme.

“I know they’ve reported fights in the area around downtown bars,” said Lt. Kevin Mayer, San Diego Police Department. “Anybody that would like to go out and help be our eyes and ears we appreciate that.”

Mayer said the department welcomes the Justice League’s help.

“They like any other group, they’re just happen be dressed up in capes and wearing different costumes,” said Lt. Mayer.

Back in Little Italy, Sarah said capes or costumes, whatever it takes to bring this creep in.

“Where ever they can get more patrol around is going to be more than helpful and safe and kind of comforting,” said Johnson.

Investigators do not believe the intruder in Little Italy is related to the crimes in North Park.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the attacks in North Park.


    • liz

      hes not just some overweight geek, hes a genuinely good person. If you live in North park and actually looked out for the people in your area, he wouldn’t have to be there walking around.

    • Becky

      Wow…judgmental much? These people may be ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’ but at least they are doing something to help their community. They got together with a gym and sponsored one self-defense class for free and are sponsoring a second one for the women of North Park. They are also giving up their weekend nights to try and help make us feel safe and help the police bring the criminals in. The fact that the police are welcoming their help should tell you something. I’ve met some of these people and while some might be a little eccentric, they really love being able to help out in any way possible. And considering that there are women who are part of the group I think that kind of shuts out your ‘pervert’ comment. It also takes guts to walk around in costume like that. I’d like to know what YOU are doing to help the situation? Get a life. Better yet…keep your pitiful comments to yourself, get off your judgmental a$$ and be a part of the solution like these people.

  • Al meggs

    This is a great cause. A great service to the young women who for no reason of their own live alone unprotected and defenseless
    Hundreds and thousands of illegals are riding amtrak free being sent to communities where they can hide
    It will always fall on the law abiding good people if e dry community to help with the police the defenseless
    God bless thes good people!!!

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